A Creation Out of Necessity

Dear lost god,

It’s time we tell and say it loud,
The world you imagined, is shredded into pieces
For humans don’t exist anymore, 
And “human” is rather just an undeserved title.

We’re now being ruled by shame and terror,
The unity we had has now been torn.
The evils we feared are ruling our country,
Guess we took too long to respond while we were busy searching for you.

But it’s time we say,
We live in a world,
Where safety is a myth,
And prosperity a dream.
We live in a world,
Full of diaries of deaths,
And ‘peace’ and ‘harmony’ are only a collection of letters.
For everything good you imagined,
Is only lifeless.

We live in a world,
Where sacred is but a disbelief,
For a temple too was a sacred place until now.
The world is free of caste barriers,
And equality is a “thing” now,
‘For women of each caste are equally unsafe.’

It’s time now,
You take your words back,
As the faith is lost and the love is gone.
It’s time you guard your heavens,
With barriers and weapons,
For safety on earth is only a myth.

Yours unfaithfully,
– Vishal



The Book and the World

Dear World,

As I see through the windows of the shelves you’ve kept me in, you’ve changed. I see that you need me less now, for you’ve made friends of your own. I see you’ve grown, you’ve grown to be what I pictured you to be. But in spite of the wonders you’re doing, is it right to forget me?

Since you’re drifting away and ahead, and discovering more of you, I find it inevitably essential to remind you that my inner strength is still the most powerful. I’m the creator of a million minds and perhaps, yours too. It’s sad for me for I’m fading away, finding new places in the corner of metal shelves rather than hungry minds.

The consciousness that your people need should be fed by me, and I’m continuously eager to implant more aspirations in you. I am seeking more pair of eyes who excitingly seek knowledge, for I have plenty. But also, I have a world of my own to offer. I have a million stories waiting inside to erupt to make way to the people and make memories over cups of tea and coffee. Gone are the days when you used to cherish my company. I don’t have a tongue of my own, but the words that I offer talk more than what people do. They tell not just tales, but offer words of wisdom.

I miss our friendship, as it was when I was awake. The isolation from you feels more like an abduction and makes me restless. These glass windows are more like cages that allow me to see my deterioration. Every day, I see the children peeping through to me wondering what do I contain, but I wish there was a way to tell them that I contain the world itself.

I want to tell you and these children, the tales of wisdom, love, and freedom again. For I have stories to tell, both real and unreal, some witnessed, and some not. I have mysteries contained in myself, but how do I say this if you’re turning away.

I see you finding your time in the television by the door, with your eyes eagerly luxuriating the videography it offers. But I want to remind you, that I’m no less entertaining. For I recited poems, stories, and fairy tales when you were a child yourself.

It saddens me to know that I’m not a part of you anymore.  But I wish, that someday and sometime, you’ll pick me up again. You’ll flip through my pages and read my gallant tales of heroism. You’ll read the tales of the characters I created and recite them to your children too. I wish you’ll return. I wish you’ll wear off the dust that’s been settled upon me. I do nothing but wish for your eyes to know more, through me. I wish.

Your lost treasure,

The Book

f13eee63daf3dc1e354f280cd3a83b57-Vishal Tripathi


Love Lost for The Nation?

India is a country which is known for its diverseness. But little do we know that the diversity varies more with mindsets than positive assets, which didn’t use to be the case in the past. India, once being a country with the most delightful, helpful, and prideful people has come down to being a country with people who debate on national symbols’ importance and counter by blaming each other for a lesser sense of nationalism which should never be the case.

The recent political trend in India lies in the debate regarding the Supreme Court’s verdict on the national anthem. The news is filled with politicians from across the country who are brought together to play blame games live on national television.

But the overwritten, real, and lost issues is not this. The real issue is that whether we, the people of this country, have brought our moral senses so down, that we’re needing to have debates on the aforementioned issues. The national anthem, for any country, is a symbol of endless pride, and should not be considered an imposition on any individual. But contrary to this, people have been finding indirect and imminent ways to mark ‘standing while the anthem is played’ as an imposed decision, which is totally disgraceful.

The national anthem, composed and written by our forefathers, was a symbol of extreme national pride and power. It was not just limited to an individual’s approach on nationalism. People seeing it as a burden to stand while the anthem is played are being hypocritical as they’re also found justifying their tremendous love and respect for the national symbol. People like these should know that there are soldiers on the borders who die just for the love of the tricolor. How shameful, petrifying, and belittling will it be for them and for those who have already given up their lives in the country’s pride and honor to know what’s happening in this country.

For me, a national symbol is a lot more than just a mark of honor. It is more of a feeling of being Indian. And I see no flaw in making ‘standing while the anthem is played’ a compulsion. For people can go on and on about claiming to have lost their liberty with this decision, but liberty is never lost while respecting your motherland.



To The Door of Happiness

A rough day at the training ended, and luckily it was the final day. Two days later, we had to run ourselves into the battle against the enemy nation with a 50% chance of returning alive (luckily again). We were being instructed.
As we all prepared ourselves for the war, we packed our stuff along with the emotions but the one thing that we couldn’t pack and leave was memories. But it was in some way, positive for us because we had to have something to motivate us to return alive, return alive for someone who’s waiting. As we entered the battlefield, all I could think of was my daughter, whom I promised to be there for her birthday which was a week later. But to keep that promise, I had to live, and that was the only thing I was unsure of.
As the war began, we marched on with broad shoulders, arms, and weapons. Also with a flag attached to the uniform just above the heart in spite of being inside it as well. We waited for the opposition to bring the fight to us, and they did. 3 days of continuous warfare and thence, it ended. It ended with a win for us, but this wasn’t a happy win, it was a mixed one because I lost 3 of my friends and that counts as a bigger loss. I survived somehow, and it took me another 2 days to get back to reality and get over with the loss I faced.
I was conscious but unhappy. But my mind was mature enough to move on. It was time for me to head home and see my wife and my daughter who had been suffering more than me all this time. Reminiscing, waiting for me. As I was heading back, I was trying to pull myself together and preventing myself from adding on to their misery. On the way, I bought my girl some presents and a chocolate, and I head home. I reached late in the night. I always had a spare key of the house, so I opened the door and quietly sneaked in.



A Trip Around The Sun

365 days, 365 stories. It is very peculiar and perhaps dissatisfying that the amazement of this world goes unnoticed. People have become occupied. They’ve made themselves so. Over the years, people have been trying hard to find ways to be occupied and work. Work for themselves and their families, and thus, the cycle got constructed and a system formed where people get money for doing errands. Well, to be honest, this system is fair enough, and also well managed. The rule is simple, work and get paid.

But the point is, that despite the fact that people work to earn a living and perhaps do more with what they earn, they’ve developed a mental scenario wherein they need money and time to enjoy and celebrate. People around the world have started seeking pleasure, excitement and joy in materialistic things which, of course, require capital. But in spite of the fact that the theory is being universally accepted and is functioning well on practical grounds, on severe and deep contemplation and realization, it is untrue.

Materialistic things aren’t the only sources to a joyous life. There’s much more than that, and all people have to do is realize. Realize that life isn’t just about amusement parks, malls, movie theatres and places like that. Life’s way much more than that. If one would ask a person who spent his life exploring new places and a one who spent his days earning and partying on weekends, the person who’d be happier would be the explorer. The human race is the smartest, or perhaps even have been provided with super-powers of a vision that’s unmatchable, unprecedented and limitless. Yet, both unfortunately and ironically, due to lack of awareness and the misbelief of chasing the visionary illusions, humans act stupid.

Yes, humans are stupid. And not that they’re victims of the consequences, they’ve made themselves so. It’s easy to convince people into believing that money can buy happiness. And actually, it can, no arguments. But the thing that’s to be noted is that the happiness that money can buy isn’t everlasting and unmatchable to what inner happiness is. Humans shall realize that happiness like a million other things, a part of our surroundings. It’s hidden, everywhere. People who discover that are no less than legends. They find pleasure in the simplest of things. And so can we, but why don’t we? Because unfortunately, we’ve been a victim of our own consequences.

Life is nothing but a pursuit of happiness. And people do everything to achieve that. But along the path they tramp on, at some point, they get misdirected and mislead themselves into the puzzle.

This stuff may seem exceedingly untrue and too philosophical to apply in real life, but it isn’t. These aren’t instructions, these are words of realization. To prove this, try feeding a hungry child or try giving clothes to homeless, try observing the enthusiasm of a child who’s learning, try giving gifts to the kids, try help old age people to cross the road. This stuff, is what is simple yet has the biggest surprises. Happiness gained from them is what real happiness is. And the best part is, you’re sharing it.

A year consists of 365 days and each day comes with a surprise. And no kidding, it does. It’s onto us, the humans to design and decorate the day, and collectively decorate life, not just ours, but others’ as well. That’s what life is, and realizing it is what makes it different. Life is meant to be great, and our work apart from the real deal, is to contribute and share. Happiness shared is the best type of happiness. And that’s what each year is, it’s an opportunity to leave the past as it was and chase ‘real happiness’. Because every day is a gift, a surprise. And 365 days aren’t less to have a happening year. So, it’s time, time to have a great trip around the sun.




2016, just like any other year, has been truly eventful in all aspects. And no wonder there were things that fell no short of surprising the people, some in ways that amused people whilst some in the most disappointing of ways.
Well, one such event which is still the hottest and the most trending topics that affected the people of India is ‘Demonetisation’. On 8th November 2016, the government of India took an action that shook the nation. With an intent of cleaning and decimating black money from India, the Modi government made a move of ceasing the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes as legal tenure. The PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi while addressing the nation mentioned the need of taking such action and how this move would defy the corrupt in the most astounding and effective ways.
The act of demonetising had baffled the opposition and other political parties, as well known to everyone, politics has been a treasure-house for the corrupt. Thus, the appalled opposition, trying to turn the tables, marked the move as abominable and ever since, has been trying to expostulate the act by mentioning the ground problems and anomalies faced by the people in getting cash which at some part, has been correct. The central government however, still reasons itself out of it by calling it ‘an act for the people’ and urges the nation to see the long term effects of the act and how it’ll sweep corruption and terrorism out and will prove to be a building block for a ‘developed and digitised India’.
So, all we can do is hope that this proves to be helpful and effective and though the move still in controversy, it gives out fruitful and desired results in 2017. Happy New Year!


PS: I understand that the frequency of my posts has hugely decreased, but I have been very busy and perhaps have understood that to write great things, great things must be read. I’m focusing on reading and I am indulged in some other stuff that I assure, is productive. I’ll try to post as much as I can. This was the latest write-up. 15781670_952129448219828_4207320607566851359_n


The cold passed reluctantly from the earth, and the retiring fog revealed an unbelievable scene before me. A homeless kid, with just a torn cloth wrapped around his waist, was sitting in the corner of the street. He was feeding his mother, who seemed to be pretty ill and the cold weather only added to her misery. The kid seemed to be 7-8 years of age, was so thin that his ribs were clearly visible and was of a dark complexion. Both of them were shivering. But the child was strong enough to not let her mother see his pain. Because the pain of an ill mother in the biting cold was more severe to him than the cold hurting his body. I stood there watching this bizarre yet astounding scene of child showing his affection for his mother, even when he himself was in pain. People say that true love is lost these days but, that day, it was right before me. I went there and handed him the little amount of money that I had for him to but some food for himself and his mother.

I went home, and spent the whole day thinking about this muzzling and unforgettable incident. I thought that in this world of lost humanity, it was so strange to see selfless love being cherished even among the harshest of circumstances. People today have something to complain about all the time, be it their needless pleasures or something done by their parents. But, there are still people on this planet who know how to respect that without having any luxuries.

I collected some old clothes of mine to give to the boy. So, the next morning, I ran hastily to the same corner of the street but this time, they weren’t there. I waited there for a while but then I went with the thought of coming back again the next day. And so I did, again with those clothes. But I wish I hadn’t, because what I saw was excruciatingly dissatisfying. I saw the mother crying with the body of the boy in her hand. Her hands filled with guilt and remorse. Her daunting cry made me shiver. I lost hope.

I went back again, irritated. It was a misery to see her in pain, which now was even more severe. The wold had been ruthless to them. Maybe even the gods. But was it fair for the boy to pay the price of his true love and affection by death? Sometimes, karma is difficult to understand just as it was here. It’s a curios question, for many I suppose, why do the wrong things happen to the right people? Maybe someday I’ll know. But for now, it remains unanswered…………


PS: I am posting after a long time. The frequency of the posts has reduced drastically due to the fact that I’m in college. But to be sure, the posts will keep coming. Follow my blog for more posts. 🙂


The Patriot.

From the eternal sky, through the windows of her room, the bright sun spreads the sunlight over her face. She wakes up. She turns her face right, and just like the day before, and before, there was no one. All she saw was the other half of the bed, empty. People say that seeing the face of your loved ones in the morning makes your day better, but Riddhi had no one. Being a wife of a soldier, she had to go through this loneliness for a great part of the year. All she could do was wait for his husband to get leave from work, which was seldom, of course. Her husband, Kritarth was appointed in Kashmir, as am army officer and spent 8 months outside home. They were allowed to contact their family once every week in those 8 months and the duration for the call could only be 5 minutes. For Riddhi, that one phone call was the best part of the week. Because, those 300 seconds kept her alive. Those 300 seconds gave her strength to face another tiring week, they gave her hope. Those 3000 seconds were her satisfaction that her husband was alive. People often go on complaining about very little things, get angry with each other o small issues, be it the teenagers, or a mature married couple. They don’t tend to realize each other’s importance in their life, but they should, because some people, who don’t have a person to ask “How was your day?” at the end of every day have serious problems. Riddhi was going though the same. She was running her own parlor, to keep her busy during the week, she was also very determined and focused on her work. Riddhi and Kritarth did not have any kids which added to Riddhi’s loneliness. But despite of all the loneliness, the wait and excitement of the phone ring, which always rang on Sunday nights at 8:00 pm, gave her the desire to pass weeks. And yet, she never complained. Life of the women who are the wives of army men are terrible due to the fact that they have to live with the fear of losing someone who is the most important to them, and they don’t complain because they know that their husbands are serving the county, which is of course, something to be proud of. One Sunday, with all the excitement in the world, Riddhi finished off her day’s work and was eager to receive the phone call. She sat by the phone at 7:45 pm and waited, it was routine for her to sit beisde the phone 15 minutes earlier just to be on the safe side of not missing the phone call. But this time, something was different, the phone did not ring. She became worried and why won’t she? It never happened before, Kritarth never let a Sunday pass without calling Riddhi. Riddhi was tensed, an hour passed and there was no phone call. She called up all her relatives and informed them. But all of them asked her to stay calm, giving the reason that he might have been busy with work. But Riddhi had an intuition that something was wrong. With a temporary masked satisfaction, she somehow slept and passed the night. Next day, as per the routine, she went out to collect the newspaper. Suddenly, she was baffed, her face became red, she stood still as if she was frozen. The paper fell off from her hand and she sat down right in front of the door, and started crying excruciatingly. Everyone outside noticed, and ran toward her to see what happened. But terrified Riddhi couldn’t speak a word. The headline was “Kritarth dead while serving the nation.” And that is why there was no call on the previous day. This news hurt her to another level, it stabbed her. It finished her purpose to live, it seemed like a tasteless life was bitter now. Days passed, and Riddhi was still surviving. Yes, surviving. Not because she cought some illness or something, but she lost a purpose, which was even worse. The recent days after the death of Kritarth, she used to spend most of the day looking at his picture, thinking about him. Despite of the pain she was going through, she was proud of her husband. And again, why shouldn’t she be? He died a dignified death, which she knew, would have satisfied him, because he died serving the nation. This is just what happens with all soldiers. Death for them is not a punishment as long as it comes while fighting for the nation. In fact, it is an honor. And we, the normal citizens should respect that. Yet, we seem to concentrate on other issues which, in reality, are less important. This may have been a simple story, but focusing more on the essence of things like this seems more important to me. We really need to think of changing our way of life because we seem to care less for the nation. The families that have lost their loved ones who were soldiers know the pain. The excruciating pain that lasts a lifetime. They realize what it means to lose someone who fought to let them sleep in piece and happiness. They know the importance of a soldier.

Living In The Unreal

The earth was created by ‘The Big Bang’ billions of years ago. This perhaps, is known to all of us, but the point of curiousness is the no one has witnessed it. For everyone, it’s a fact. One would say that scientists and researchers have proven it though their theories, but again, they’ve not witnessed it.

The idea is to extend our imagination beyond the customary levels. The ideas is to imagine and ask ourselves a question that what if the world we’re living in is unreal? What if one day we wake up and find the world exactly the opposite of what it is right now? The question is common, but the answers are different. Everybody has a unique perspective and these words reflect mine.

We humans have been accustomed to a specific level of thoughts that we’ve forgotten to thing beyond the boundaries. We humans are dependent in nature and on nature too. We believe in facts and the proof for the existence of this world and it’s components are facts. But have we ever taken the time out to consider realism? I think not. These are some uncommon thoughts which seldom come to our mind.

IF this life were a dream and all the people we know or the things we use were imaginary figures. And one day, we snap out of it and all that we know is gone. We step out through the door into the ‘real’ world and see unfamiliar things like trees talking to people, dogs talking in language and everything we considered to be lifeless had it’s own working hands and feet and were lingering with emotions.

It all may seem bizarre to imagine but wondering if things would have been that way, then we would know the drawbacks of our own nature and how we’ve exploited our resources and created a blunder of the worlds we were never really in. And we? We’ll just be standing there, shocked, watching helplessly with a stroke of realization, as we’ve always done. All we’ve got to think now is that all that we knew that existed was ephemeral.

But this alternate world, the world we were now in was beautiful. It had it’s own beauty, because there, people didn’t fight on politics, religion, greed nor were they divided by it. They care for each other, they care for the nature and it’s resources. They value whatever’s in possession and they do the morally right thing. The trees were happy, the birds chirruped and humans served them. Animals were a part of it too, they were satisfied because they weren’t pointlessly beaten up and craved. Everything and everyone has a ‘life’ there.

But in the dream or the ‘unreal’ world we all are unfortunately in, the trees don’t speak, the animals don’t talk but what is interesting is that they ‘depict’. But there too, we’ve been blind all this while and thus, don’t see it. The necessary things are always out of sight. We sure will hear the painful shouts of this world, but all we need is to have real eyes and ears. The chants and cries have always been there as a result of the human tortures, but we’ve been so bust torturing that we’ve got no time to see. We’re nothing but vicious beasts.

I personally wish if all this was a dream and one day I would wake up. Maybe this theory is real and we really do wake up in the afterlife, who knows. Perhaps, this world is the ‘alternate’ one. I wish so. And I sure dream of an alternate world, a world with peace and harmony, a world with love and respect. A world with happiness.

Irrespective of the facts I’ve known till now or the the history of formation of this world, I’ve sure made to believe that this world is an illusion and we’ve been made to pass through using our inquisitive minds.

Concluding, I would want to mention that this genre was really interesting and unique . Perhaps, it will become my favorite too. But the ideology of ‘alternate reality’ is not just imagination now, it’s a dream. Because we have always been living in the unreal.



Through the clouds…

12 August 2016, the day is Friday. I am travelling from Pune to Thane in a non AC government bus with a two hundred rupee ticket. The journey has been amazing, for a lot of reasons. The sole reason has been this ride, the adventure it has served me with even when the bus has no facilities. How the bus just went from a normal bus station in Pune city to travelling through the clouds. The cold and fresh air against my face fuels up my emotions. It turns me up. I am nostalgic right now. Because perplexing things like these make me nostalgic. I miss home and I wish my family was with me right now. I heard from my best friend today, he’s leaving India to study abroad. I am happy for his success but at the same time, his departure makes me sad. I spent 5 years with him and perhaps lived every awesome moment with him. It’s really sad how life changes. How things turn upside down. How your 12 years of school just become a memory and the people who are a part of it go away gradually. And how you realise there’s no one to blame. Because this is life, or I should say the bitter side of it. It may teach a million things and may have things of happiness but at some point, it makes people think about it in a bad manner. How people who matter to you leave, being the slaves of consequences. Even we are the slaves of consequences, no wonder how.

This bus journey made me think. It made me look at the bitter side of life because the things about which I only used to hear from my elders about being separated from everyone is becoming true. And I am facing it. Life is a puzzle. It gives you moments to cherish and enjoy and when they’re over, they live as memories inside you and there;s nothing you can do but cry. I am crying too, from the inside. I may have met a set of amazing people after coming to Pune, but the people back there at my home, they are still more alive.

Apart from this inevitable pain, the ride has been an adventure. A bus ‘through the clouds’ can have deep effects on you. The cold breeze changes the mood and so, it changed mine. It transported me into a different world, a world of realisation. A world where I realise the importance of the things that I have, the people I have and the greatness I am to discover. It’s weird but everyone has a ‘switch’. Something which changes you for that very moment and transports you to another world.

My journey is still incomplete. But so far, it has taught me how little things have a whole lot of adventure hidden behind them, how they’re filled with a strange happiness which is on us to discover it. And literally, in real life, my journey is incomplete. There’s so much to discover and learn. It has been my first ride alone for this great distance. And it has taught me something about life, a peculiar thing.

This wasn’t about a particular topic, this was a page filled with my emotions. And this is all I had to write, because what’s coming ahead will have it’s own lessons and perhaps, adventures too. Till then…..I’m discovering…….through the clouds……