Liebster Award


First things first, I would like to pay my gratitude to Aishwarya Ramachandran mam, who has nominated me for this award. I am so glad to be one of the nominees and it’s so special. It has just been 15-17 days since I started writing and now, an awesome writer like her has nominated me for this award. Something about the award now, it is basically an award which connects different bloggers, i.e., if a blogger like your writings and is impressed by them, then he/she can nominate you for this award. And it is an astonishing way of connecting, I mean we have sites and so many things through which friends and relatives connect across the globe but this is about the bloggers, the writers, who are anxious about the thoughts and writings of the rest of the people. So, moving forward, I am hugely honored to receive this nomination, it means a lot.

Aishwarya mam, thanks a lot! 😀

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Nominations I would make are:

They all are absolutely amazing in their own styles. I was fascinated while visiting all of your blogs, all of them are interesting! 😀

Questions asked by Aishwarya mam:

  1. If you were in charge of the education system in your country, what would you change?
    This is a question so interesting that I was so excited about answering it. In our childhood, we are often heard saying that we would do this and that if we were there, so it is quite the same situation now, with the question. If I were to get an opportunity to be in charge of the education system, I would probably make so many of changes. Mam as we are from the same country, so you too have a better idea about the instability of the system. The learning system is not effective enough, there is a lack of understanding and the students just tend to memorize things and pen them down in the paper and end up having a 90+ mark sheet if all goes well. This should change, and I would also work upon enhancing the quality of the government institutions, they need a little tweak as well.
  2. If you only had $10 in your pocket, what would you buy at the shops?
    Hahahaha, this was a really cute question. Well, it depends on what am I feeling that time. I am kind of a foodie so I will probably go to a shop and buy me something to eat. Already hungry! 😛
  3. What was your 2015s new year resolution?
    To score well in my exams, as it has been the same every year, and I have not seen much improvement as of yet. 😛
  4. What is one act of kindness that was done for you, that you have never forgotten?
    There have been quite some, but I would mention the one when my sister saved me from getting scolded from my father, as she is really amazing and an integral part of my life! 🙂
  5.        If you could only choose from: sweet, savory or sour foods. Which would you eat for a year?
    OMG! This is the most difficult of all of them! I would not be able to live by eating a food of one type.
    But if it was the world’s end and then I had to choose, I’d go with savory! 😀
  6.         What crazy idea did you believe when you were little due to your parent’s advice?
    There have been many, it has hilarious to know them when I grew up. I thought I was isolated from         the truth. One was hanging legs in the air or we would have a fight! Wow!

My questions:

  1. The most unique part of your own writings that you feel?
  2. The actual one thing you want to do before dying?
  3. The point in life where you actually thought to push yourselves and felt that you can do something great?
  4. Apart from writing, your hobby that you would make a profession if had an opportunity?

Thank you Aishwarya mam for nominating me! Again, I’m feeling incredible, all thanks to you! Hope that you like my blogs in the future as well as even me, as an amateur writer, will seek to please bloggers like you! 🙂 Amazing questions you asked there! Answering them was fun! 😀 Cheers!


Depending on the gods!

We are all humans, stupid to say, and we all have our own lives that we are living. And as far as I have figured it out, we work to make it better. Better for us, better for our loved ones and simply, better for the sake of being happy. There is no argument in that! The point to make here is we all go through thousands and thousands of things in our life, from being a kid, growing up to be an adult and the like the tale goes, at the end, we die. All of us.

We all tend to make this journey auspicious, because we have only got one. And this is what we have, the only road to choose. And as I said above, we go through numerous things striding all through this. Some things we’ve already been through, they are obviously the ones in our past. Some, we are facing today, in our present. And some, we tend to face in the time which is waiting, the future. Out of the three categories, what attracts us or rather mystifies everyone is the future. The past of course, is something we have already dealt with, and so it seems to be unnecessary to bother about it. And for present, we are facing it already.

The future. What is the future exactly? What do we exactly know about it? The ultimate definition, be it in any words, or be it anyone defining it, a 5 year old school boy or a 70 year old guru, will ultimately sum it up as the time which is yet to come across, the things which we are yet to face in life. Everyone plans their lives. Each one of us make a blueprint of the things to do, our objectives, our aims, our targets and ultimately, we construct a road map. It is really interesting, planning for the things which haven’t come, out of some which are really far away. It is bizarre to know that at some places in the world, the parents prepare the blueprint of the life of their child just after the child is born, and in some cases, the scenario is even worse. People plan it before the child being born itself. Wow! Quite amusing I must say.

The point which we get to know, or rather it is a query – how do we plan things when we don’t know what is going to happen next? And why do we do it? I mean planning life is okay, rather good, one should always have a clear eye for goal, but being so sure about things? It is absurd. Be it me, be it any of us, being so sure about things and having expectations from life that the road we’re on with a suitcase full of unreasonable expectations won’t always give a fruitful perhaps a convincing result.

The question also is, how do people be so sure? How do they be so sure about their future, about their fortune? And who do they depend upon? It is the gods! We are so lazy to make our own fortune, how could we have left the gods idol, right? We all live in our present, we plan things, good! But when we really start thinking of what has the next moment has for us, we leave it to the hands of the gods. Believing in gods is a point of perception, many of us don’t believe in gods, but that is another topic for a debate or so. As there are so many who do believe in them (including me). Believing is no problem, it is rather positive, we always have a ray of hope to get things done in the name of the god. Well, if it drives us through, then why not? But the point is not believing, the point is depending!

The idea of being lazy is obsolete. We should start depending on ourselves more. I don’t understand why all of us are so easy to be persuaded by our own souls that we stop maundering about things and just stop working to get them done. I am not talking for those who do, because the ones who ignore the idea of depending on someone are so good at doing their jobs that they prove to be innovative role models for this obstinate society. As some people might start thinking and mashing up the ideas of having an overall protocol of life and fortune, but they should understand that they are two different things. Having a plan is always good, but not working for the things that are going to happen next is perhaps obnoxious.

As for those who believe in gods, he is always there, perhaps he is there to push us to do things. To light the candle of hope in our minds and make us work. Make us start. Gods are there to help us, and not to be blamed by us. The worst things about us is the complex human nature that we all possess, first we deny things, then we find someone to blame. In this case too, we depend on the gods so much, at first, we begin with a idea of depending on him as he has ‘written’ everything and then when something goes wrong, we start to blame him. I may be a bit to direct but it is completely irrational.

A french chemist Louis Pasteur once quoted:

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

So, I guess he was totally right about what he said. And he was one of those who ignored the idea of depending on someone for being successful. The point is not that we should stop believing, rather we should continue believing, but the fact of the matter is we need to stop depending. As for legends say “We are the writers of our own destiny.” So let’s be a bunch of tremendous writers and give ourselves the belief of being self-dependent and drive through. There are a lot more things to come and just leave the gods with the job of giving the world ‘hope’! That is how the story goes, that is what we are, we keep on ‘depending on the gods!’


Man holding arms up in praise against golden sunset

Childhood – where we learn to dream!

Childhood. If anyone were to describe it, probably they would say that it is the time of our lives when we are kids and perhaps something similar. But it is not enough to describe it, even I don’t have an idea about how to describe it! I would say that it is something which has no perfect definition. But I am sure enough to say that it is the most beautiful time of everyone’s lives. The most auspicious one.

The reason for which childhood has no perfect definition is that it is more of a feeling rather than a state. And no wonder how one could define feelings. They are not meant to be defined, and that is the reason they are feelings. They have to be felt by the person himself so as to experience it. Childhood is the phase of life when everyone is innocent, everything is simple and all seems to be adorable. It is the phase where we all are secluded from the real world and life, and I wish we could do the same now.

Childhood is the time when we had no idea about what is the world. We as infants had our parents as our only world, the only one which we were aware of. The days were so amazing for the reason one had no worries. We were not supposed to think of our work and schedule, nothing of that sort as for there was none. The feeling that we all love. The fun of crawling all around and ending up in the arms of our parents was so special and lovely. That was when we were loved unconditionally. Who wondered we were being prepared for this mess that we are in now. We had such curious eyes, everything new that came in, every new person that our parents met would catch our glimpse. As infants, we found everything out of the house as ‘alien’ because that was not a part of what we saw daily and was something out of the world, out of ‘our’ world to be precise.

All things we had, all the care that we received was part of the true love of our parents. The primary target for them used to be us, they would do anything to make us happy. Watching us laugh and giggle would ascend the smile on their face. They would develop beautiful frowns when they saw us, our innocent face. All they could see was love and innocence. Innocence of a child. Oh, how I miss those days! The time was so splendid. I don’t know why it all seems so difficult to elucidate things but maybe because of the reason that I mentioned above. There are numerous memories of childhood, they would never end, be it anyone. Epitomizing it would be just be stating that the it is indefinable and endlessly beautiful.

Actor Ricky Schroder says something which we all will believe, because we have similar thoughts:

“I spent my whole childhood wishing I was older and now I am spending my adulthood wishing I was younger.” – Ricky Schroder

Perhaps we all feel the same. We all want to be kids again. We all want to live in that beautiful world, where we all were kept isolated from the world. And wish we could be again. The school homework was the only work we had to do. There was not a bit of stress, the only thing due to which we were tired was playing with our friends. We now seek to get more sleep, but those days, we did not want to. We were curious little folks wanting to explore the world, wanting to see more of it. Back then, we had a desire to grow up, the delusion to grow up and have freedom. But who knew that we were too young to understand it.

We all grow up. As the clock ticks and the time passes, we grow, each day. We develop, we change. Our minds change, the way we think changes, our body changes and simply, we grow up. Maybe because we are supposed to. It it how the story goes. We all become adults to start living for our own selves, for a purpose in life, we get a burden of responsibilities upon our heads and we realize how life is. How the world we were too curious to explore as kids really is. And the thought post that is we start to regret it. We regret growing and the only though and desire which is left is to go back in time and live those merry days and flourishing life again.

We all seek to have dreams when we grow up, someone dreams to be rich, someone dreams of a fruitful career and so on. But where did we learn to dream? No one taught us that! It is the childhood! As children, we started dreaming, started imagining things. As kids, there was a world inside our heads as well, a unique one. A one without the formalities and the struggles of life. All that it consisted of was love and happiness, just like a fairy tale. But now we realize that the world is no rainbows and sunshine! The dreams we had then, were innocent too, just like us. We had no expectations from any one and thus, we were happy.

Growing up is a trap. A compulsory trap in which everyone has to enter. There is no alternative, it is the only choice. That is what is written in each of ours’ book of fortune. That is what we receive, and the time that we spent as kids is what we have to give in exchange. But all I want now is to become a kid again, have those astonishing dreams and live that life of ‘real pleasure’. Now we realize how amazing it was. How amazing it will ever be for the kids now and the ones who will come. It is the place, our childhood – where we learn to dream!



Imagination – where ideas take birth!

“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

As the quote above says, imagination can take us everywhere. Is it? Well let’s start this with imagining. A general, example to begin with, imagine a world without vehicles. Imagine a green world with only trees all around. It was easy I suppose because I could myself see it in my mind. Obviously this wasn’t special, but I guess we could make out that it proves the great quote. Well of course, Einstein wasn’t imagining this what I told the readers to, but indeed, he had seen the world, and had one in his own mind.

Imagination is powerful. It can do wonders, and history is the witness that it has! People often co-relate ‘thinking’ with ‘imagining’ which is not particularly, but to some extent is incorrect. The terms are different. Imagination is something deep. It takes us to a different world. It may not reflect the reality, but it does reflect a man’s potential. Imagination is a place where ideas take birth. And ideas, are the irrational thoughts which make people do astonishing wonders in this world. It makes them do it. It drives them through.

Imagination is a weapon, armor for a person. Perhaps the most powerful tool a person may possess, and a one that can’t be stolen. Imagination is always original. There is no stealing! A person may borrow everything in his life-cycle but cannot borrow his ideas. Ideas are meant to be original. They are the ones that make a person more valuable, make them productive. Imagination is a powerhouse, a factory of thoughts. Every person has a different power of imaging things in one’s mind and it may be productive. Well, that is something that depends on the kind of person one is. People are there, who have weak imagination. Perhaps, they are more suited with the work they do, they work for others’ ideas but I am not talking about them.

Everyone in this world is not supposed to be special. If someone is not, they can. They just need to work with  it. People in this world take time to adopt with things, get in the swing of them. People back in time, did not respect the ideas of people who have had contributions large enough that they changed this world. The people back then would put a tag of being ‘stupid’ on the people that were imagining. The people who were imagining though, had a completely different mindset. They were stiff and adamant to their imagination because they knew the world needed them, and I wonder what kind of world were they imagining back then, but they did change it. Even today, imagination is ignored by some. But it is inevitable as it is supposed to be. People need to stop thinking about others, they need to get mental freedom.

This world is a treasure. It is full of people with beautiful ideas and minds. The purpose should be extracting them. Putting them forward and make them contribute to construct. Imagination has a beautiful history, it is filled with people that made this world move forward and they are the reason we are here. It is supposed to have a beautiful future as well. People need to work it out. Imagination is constructive in itself and has a by-product of development.

Defining imagination is a difficult job. Even I had to imagine things while typing this blog. It itself is so wide and vast. It is complex and simple at same time. And no doubt, how beautiful and deep it is. A factory of ideas! What would people do without imagination? The world would be totally worthless. You could imagine this too! Isn’t it amazing to see the facts in this world that are hidden, these are simple things that a person comes across and performs them everyday and yet never realizes it’s deepness and importance? Well, I think it is! There are people in this world with absolutely alluring ideas which have the potential to take this world way far beyond from where it stands right now. There are people desperate, desperate to express them and make an impact.

Imagination is like a tree, it grows. It grows with time, it grows as we become mature, our minds become mature. We expand the factory from what it was when we were kids to something when we become adults. But like a tree again, it grows faster when we make it. When we continuously think of more and more ideas, it sharpens our mind and brightens the imagination power inside us. It acts as a fertilizer. And not only it is like a tree because it grows with time but also, it shows other similar characteristics. As in, the more you maintain the plants well as in you fertilize their growth so as to get delicious fruits after it grows, mind does the same. The final fruit, that is to say the final result is ecstatic when we feed our ideas well.

Power does not always mean physical power, but mental power has it’s part to play as well. Mental power can prove to be more effective than the physical one. Imagination is mental power. It can be extremely productive and extremely destructive at the same time. Again, it depends on the kind of person who is imagining and his purpose for those ideas to take real form. There is a long journey from starting to build an idea and take real form and present it’s effect. It is the people who need to be persuaded at first. Then, you take further steps and finally get registered in history.

Imagination is greatness. It is a gift of the god. A mind can do things which are unbelievable. A person should figure out his potential and that is the point where he shall start. Once he figures out the power, he can do wonders. Being able to imagine makes us lucky. Great people don’t imagine to earn. It’s their desire to change the world with their ideas and that is just the way it should be. Imagination is a blessing, a person’s most powerful weapon. It can take us anywhere we want. It is fast. Faster than light. And can take us to a world of our own, and it makes us realize it’s amazing functionality.

An article on imagination would never end, and thus, as an article, I may take it a long way from this point as well. But this is enough for it to sum up, maybe it does epitomize it. But we have to realize our own potential and chase the unique thoughts and ideas in our mind. This is what imagination is – a place where ideas take birth.



Self-satisfaction – the unachievable?

The subject of today’s blog is self-satisfaction. Something we all live for, we stride all through our lives to get this. This is one of the primary purposes of our lives. But the question is that is it something which can’t be achieved? I guess so. There is nearly purpose of everything that we do in life. We seek to perform tasks to accomplish the goals that we have set for ourselves. For this, we go on with one step after the other, but at each step, we ask ourselves – was it enough? This is an exceedingly curious question that triggers in  each one of us’ minds.

Well, there can be a theory built on this. It is too broad to be judged. Sometimes, some little morals prove to be so difficult to be solved, sometimes they are unanswerable. There are so many questions inside us, even related to this as in –  was it enough? Am I satisfied? Should I be satisfied? and so on. The answer to all of these is a simple no. We humans never tend to be satisfied. And why should we be satisfied? It is said that the day a person will be truly satisfied with himself/herself, it will be the day that the person shall become a ‘perfect human’ and come on, we all know that nobody is perfect. No one should be. Perfect is something unachievable as well. Coming back to satisfaction, is it just a feeling? For me, no, I intend to take it as one of the purposes of life.

This feeling of satisfaction rather self-satisfaction to be precise should never be achieved. Because if it is achieved, then we all shall stop, we won’t work, we won’t continue because this feeling would be established inside our minds that we have got everything we need, perhaps we would start thinking that we have nothing else to do, we will be idol. This would be some serious stuff, it will be destructive. Sitting idol in this world is one of the most destructive things that may occur as we say that “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.” And the story won’t end there, self-satisfaction is the biggest enemy of development. It contradicts development in every possible way you can think of. Not just an enemy of development, but it proves to be an enemy of a person. It blocks the growth of ideas in a person’s mind. And trust me on this, the day ideas are blocked, the world would stop.

Everything in this world that the human kind has achieved, everything, has been the product of ideas and perhaps the product of being ‘unsatisfied’. This doesn’t mean that satisfaction is a destructive feeling, no. We shall not mislead it. It is quite tricky and puzzling. We shall focus more in this part, being satisfied on small things is not a misery. We have to accept the things we have, the things that are in our fortune. Sometimes, being unsatisfied for stupid things is wrong as in people who want things for their leisure by performing worth a penny is wrong, rather obnoxious. We need to be satisfied with the things we have, but not with the things we want. A full stop to the idea of achieving more will kill you. But being satisfied with what you have and you kick off with your journey to achieving success with being satisfied with the resources you possess would surely do you good. Yep, that’s how you deal with satisfaction.

Humans are sensitive, delicate and rather complex. We are always in a dilemma of how to put the things in a right manner. Where to use our ideas to build ourselves. Where to express ideas so that the world can see a glimpse of what we are capable of. The one who does this in a better way is the one who drives himself to real success. But then too, that one person doesn’t achieve self-satisfaction because one is not supposed to. Again, the person was satisfied with his resources that he had, but wasn’t satisfied with what he wanted. That it is where the tweak is! The part where people are distinguished. The way in which they make this choice decides who are they and what are they supposed to be.

There are different sides to self-satisfaction as well, well that is because of so vast variety of people that live in this world. Some people aren’t satisfied because they want to achieve more, some aren’t satisfied because they want more destruction, some aren’t satisfied because they couldn’t do enough for the welfare of the rest. This difference develops due to the difference in kind of people. There are many. And each one has a different desire, but the mantra for achieving the respective things remains the same. Never be satisfied for what you have achieved till now, because there is no dead end in progress. Progress means moving on. And there is always something more to do, and you might not know what is waiting for you in the future. Your perception towards being satisfied decides the direction you would go in. And that is how the tale goes.

And here, we come to the conclusion that self-satisfaction cannot be achieved, rather should not be achieved. It may have it’s own effects. We must keep in mind that achievements never end, nothing we do is perfect. It is not supposed to be. The road never ends. The feeling of not being satisfied pushes us to do more. It is what it should be like. Self-satisfaction may be achievable, but is not meant to be achieved. The world tends to move on and so do we.




Life – as it stands!

I have not written a blog since two days due to my examinations and I was so much waiting to write the next. So, here it is! Today’s blog is about life. I guess I should have been a bit more mature when talking about this, but never too young to give it a shot!

So, to begin with, a simple question with perhaps no appropriate answer – what is life? It is a rather stupid question but still, it is the way it is. Life has no definition. It’s just everything. The things we see, we hear, we do, the purpose of everything that is done is life. We work to live, we eat to live, we breathe to live. The purpose of everything that we do is related to life. But this is not about what life is. But how is it lived? Everyone has a different life. A different way to live it, some unpleasant whilst some full of leisure.

Let’s go to where we all begin. We all start off in this world as infants, then we grow up and all, find a purpose for us and settle and the very usual story that continues until we all die. Everyone dies, no one is immortal. That is just the way it is. There are people with miserable lives. It’s fair to say that we don’t begin the same way. Some take birth in a rich family, while some in slums. Life ain’t fair at this point. It is biased here. There is no reason for this but some people who believe in god will say it’s because of the bad things we committed in the previous life we had. Well, it is just a sin. But this is not the point here. The thing which does matter here is the fact that wherever we begin, it’s not in our hand. But the way we end it, the climax, it is a choice that we make.

Life ain’t no fairy tale. It is what we make it. The people who curse the god for the miserable life they are having are the ones who seek excuses to make. They just weep for their life. But they don’t understand and there are many who don’t. What is life again? It is nothing but one’s own perception. Yes, it is just another definition. Life is the perception of people. It’s their verdict how they look at it. It is their alternative to make it a misery or a fairy tale. And where there are people who look for excuses for not achieving success, at the same place, in the same world, there have been such great men and women who have proved that it is just a matter of perception. The way you look at it. The way we see the world is what it becomes and so does life.

Talking of success stories again that prove all of this, there is a never-ending list that goes, it won’t ever stop. It will keep growing. Talking of some examples here, there have been so many that I don’t know have to begin with. Okay, let’s take a live example, the owner of Reliance Industries Pvt. Ltd. Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest people in the world had a miserable life, but if he would have given up, then there would not have been a Mukesh Ambani. Another huge example, the prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi was a tea vendor who used to sell tea at railway stations and now is leading the nation. Isaac Newton had no money, he too had a same miserable life, but they did not curse God for this puddle of misery, rather they accepted what they had and thought to fight back. As I said, the list goes on and will never end.

Life doesn’t give opportunities for itself, we have to grab them on our own. Impossible is nothing. The people who get through their miseries and hard times and come out even strong are the ones to taste real success. And not only that they live a life of leisure after that but are always remembered. They make history. These sort of people earn the tag of being ‘legends’! Life is not to be lived in a haste. It is necessary to get through all this, but there is just one life. So, once we achieve it, we get to taste fun and the pleasure. Then is the time that people feel blessed rather than being curse. Again, here we witness the theory of perception. People’s own perception makes them the kind of person they are.

Life is a bag of struggles, but the half of it. If we clear that, then it’s a bag full of presents, just like a fairy tale. If people literally devote themselves and struggle in the first phase, the second phase comes out to be even more  astonishing. More the struggle, more the bar of your success ascends. If not, then you are the ones who are to blame for it. Then, we just get stuck in the first phase. Forever. Life may be unfair at the start, but we can change it. The tortoise can triumph over the rabbit, and be the best. Slow, steady but success. People shine when they achieve success of this sort, they shine more than the stars.

Excuses are not for the rest. They are for ourselves, and I have realized it, on a small scale though, but I have. And I am glad that there are people who made me realize and they are my life’s treat. A beautiful life is not gifted. It is constructed. There are many things to talk about and I will talk about all of this again, sometime in the future. I’ll write it more deeply than I have now. After all, I am just a 17 year old teenager. I have got a long way ahead of me. To experience this beautiful life. Yes, that is my perception towards it, life is beautiful. I am sure of it. But I am yet to see the beautiful side. One day, I will! And I hope that people understand what it is all about. This sums it all, the way it is. Life, as it stands.




Hindi – the language losing it’s importance!

Today’s blog is devoted to the national language of my country India – Hindi. Surprisingly, yesterday was National Hindi Day but the fact that I wrote something different yesterday is the reason I am writing about it today. Well, I would agree to everyone that how ironical this blog is, it’s about the Hindi language and yet has been written in the English language. But I had no other way, trust me.

So to begin with, Hindi is the national language of India and has quite a history behind it. It is regarded as the most precious and ancient language in our country after Sanskrit. It is more like derived from Sanskrit. The principal point for today’s blog is the lost importance of this language. India is a vast country with various kinds of people with various cultures. There is an interesting fact that is quite famous among the Indians, it says “In India, every 200Km you go, the kind of people and the way they speak changes.” It is really interesting and is heard quite often. Well, it is undeniably correct.

The way people speak in India is really variant, really different kinds. The people’s accent changes sometimes so tremendously that even we Indians don’t understand it and we sometimes don’t have the knowledge of what language they are speaking in. Some places are as ancient that people don’t know how to speak Hindi despite the fact it is the national language of their country. But the fact of the matter is not this, maybe those people are not educated enough to learn it in their time. Maybe they just didn’t go to school and only had the knowledge of their regional language. But what I wanted to talk about here is that even the people who are educated don’t understand it’s importance.

English is a beautiful language. We all know that. It is the international language. Some say that knowing English would let you survive in this world. Well, if not anywhere else, it is said so in India. In India, the people who know English are considered to be having a higher stature in society. Elders are proud of their kids studying English. The case gets even more unusual when you come to know that people flaunt around telling that their child studies and speaks English. This is not wrong. Absolutely not. How can it be wrong? It’s something that the people are just proud of, one can’t mock them for this. But it is strange. Not strange because there is nothing to be proud of, but because in all of this, they carry out the tale so far that they forget being proud of their own language.

Maybe English is a professional language and is a beautiful one, I love it too. But we(citizens of India) need to understand this, we must not forget our culture and moral values in regard to something else. We should be proud of our national things. Hindi is a language as beautiful as English, and I can bet that despite being an English lover. It’s obnoxious to see people defaming the importance of their own things. Everything in this world has it’s own place and so does languages. Hindi has it’s own. And it is indeed a special one, special enough that it deserves to be one of the most respected ones. We Indians are typical. We are so good in playing blame games that we keep on mocking others around for things. In this case, we keep saying that the foreign countries and the people there should respect us and our language, but we forget how the scenario is set right here in our own country and despairingly, we are the ones responsible.

India is a developing country, it is adopting with the world. Now, at present, everywhere English is used as the language for business and not Hindi. Even all the work done related to the central government goes through English. It is just some places, a very few, where Hindi is used to work with. It is not surprising, almost everywhere in the world, the story goes the same way but there, people respect their language as much as they respect English. Yesterday was National Hindi Day and I am sure there are only a few people who might be knowing that. See? People earlier knew the beauty of it and thus, India has witnessed such great authors and poets and writers which have given just huge contributions to this beautiful language. But today, all of that is missing. We do not get to hear that a person has achieved this in Hindi or something like this. It is really disappointing. Knowing English is a great thing, I accept and so does everyone else. But forgetting the importance of your own linguistic treasure is rather devastating.

I don’t know why the things are like this in my country but they are. Even the media knows it. I saw it on the news channel yesterday how they were unveiling this truth and thus, came the idea of writing this blog on such an essential topic. Because it is my duty as well to maintain the dignity of my language and give it utmost respect and do my part in making people realize. They need to understand the beauty of it. I honestly have never been exceedingly interested in Hindi but I know it’s importance. I didn’t like it as much as I admire English but I always knew that the language is my own and has it’s own beauty. I respect it, and I hope all Indians to do the same. Just because this is related to my national language, I proudly say, “Jai Hind!”




Time – the one that drives the world!

Today’s blog is about the most important thing in this world – time! Time drives us, drives the world and is simply the master of this world and agree or not, but we all are it’s slaves. We have no right to play with it. Nobody is greater than time. Time is the ruler. The king for which the world is a slave. It is a really interesting topic to discuss and bring upon it’s importance inside the minds of all of us.

Time, where shall I begin writing about it, it is so deep, such an intense topic. Our life consists so many things, it is made up so many, we have so many things to do in our lives, but all of this is to be done in the limitations of this master of all – time! May sound a bit absurd and silly but if our life is a game, then time is the judge, the referee. Time is such an important thing. It is inevitable and undeniable by anyone. You just can’t ignore it. No one has it as a choice in their lives, it is a default ruler. Just as some programs are already installed by default in our PCs, which run them, the same way is time. It is the one running this world.

The thing about time is that it may be cruel, productive or helpful. But here, we have a choice. If we want time to treat us well, then we can make the choice. It’s like a give and take deal. You respect time, it helps you. You don’t, it ruins you. I am not a perfectly disciplined human that I totally make out the full usage of my time, rather I am one of those people who need to realize it’s importance. And this is one of the primary reasons why I am writing about it. I want to realize myself because I know it is necessary to do so.

Our life is fragile, sensitive, it depends on time. We depend on time. But time is like a free bird. Nothing bothers this ruler, it is ongoing and it stops for none. The one who realize this and start moving along are the ones who taste success and triumph in life. The ones who don’t just live an obnoxious life with leisure just being a dream which they once could chase. It is a wonderful thought that I once heard about time, “The way a man treats time defines the man and tells his stature.” I really like this thought, it is a beautiful one and true indeed. People may be defined by this, the way they treat time. People who do realize this are generally the ones saying that I have no time to do nothing. Ha! This a common thing and must be witnessed by almost all the people.

Time cannot be defined, it has no proper definition. It is everything. Yep, that is just what you can say, obviously saying that it tells about the date and time would be quite lumpish. Coming back, whatnot is time. Time is money, time is energy, time is so and so but overall, time is life! Time is something for which everyone pleads. Time is not partial, purely unbiased! Every person in this world has the same stock of time, everyone has the same amount. It’s like a bank which provides every user with same amount of money. Everyone gets a 24 hour day. Here comes where the people are distinguished, here is where people can make a choice again. Here is where they can put themselves in a category they want. The way they utilize their 24 hour day discriminates them on whether they are successful or not.

At the end of the day, in the 24th hour maybe, when people look at themselves and review their day that what they had done today defines what kind of time they are having and what sort of a life they are living. No one in this world comes with an advantage, if someone has financial advantage of family and they do not respect time, they are going to suffer later, but they will. There is just no treat! For the children, their parents keep yelling at them that do not waste time because they know it’s importance. They have seen the world, the elders. They know how the story goes. That is why they mock us. I am a student too and I realize that it is important for me to do the same, respect time because I have not in my past. Elders know that the people make their own story and it depends on the people themselves whether to end it with awesomeness or not. Epitomizing, they know the importance of time.

People who have been successful did not even have the time to give excuses. They utilized their 24 hour day in the best possible manner so as to get the best possible results in their lives. And indeed, they got it! It is for us, it is on our shoulders. We have got to make the choice that whether we look at the gazing stars and end our days with a shining smile or to end them with the same disappointment. We have this choice. We got to understand that we are not the ones controlling time but time is controlling us, we are it’s slaves. And it is for all of us including me, it’s time to make the right choice.




Football – the best sport in the world!

Today’s blog post is dedicated to the most auspicious sport in the world and my favorite as well – Football. Referred to as soccer by some, but it’s true name is football, the Americans are basically the reason the word ‘Soccer’ came into spotlight as they consider rugby to be the sport called football, well that is the story in their nation.

Starting off, I wanted to talk about the title of this blog, I regarded the game as the best in the world but the thing is that I am no one to decide that, rather it is just my opinion and I would sincerely apologize to the people who disagree with this but no one could disagree to the point that it is the most popular. Now, coming back to talking about the game, it’s story began in England, mainly pointing, it originated there. I don’t often write informative blogs and therefore, I won’t tell the tale because it has a really long one and also because that would make it boring and of course, Wikipedia is the first place people will go to for finding the history of the game and my blogs are no match for it. Also, honestly, I have no idea about it’s real tale of origin, it is just that I am quite a fan of the sport.

This blog post, not being informative is about the intensity, the beauty of the game and why is it the most popular and why is it loved by millions on this planet. Now actually beginning, football is a sport played in 250 countries of the world with over 250 million player, yep, that’s quite an enormous number. When we talk about football, there are certain things that come up, the rules, the fouls. But as I said, this blog doesn’t intend about telling about the rules, the fouls or making it an instructive guide for those who want to watch it. It is simply intended about discussing it, the love for it and for all the things people are interested in excluding the rules. Apologies for that though.

So, if not getting to the rules, just to make a swift start, football is played between two teams with eleven players each side and as everyone knows, the side with more goals triumphs. Football maybe just a sport for some, but in some countries, it is taken as seriously that it becomes the religion of some. Some people take it too seriously. This isn’t something inappropriate but it is the passion of the people for the beautiful game. Well,  just to mention, that I am really huge fan of football but I limit myself to take it as one of my favorite hobbies.

Football is a hobby to some like me, a passion for some, a religion for some and for some, it is their occupation. It is what they live with. Yes folks, the players. They are the ones running the show. As the game is a religion to some, it is also the life of the players, it is what they earn through. Some players are so passionate and exceedingly determined that they live to play football. Yes, there have been plenty stories witnessed by this world with which people could inspire themselves. The game is intense, has numerously as many things to talk about that it has become a blunder for me to write about it. And reading this, many of you might have witnessed that today’s content has not been in sequence, rather a mixed bag of my thoughts about the game have been presented. Well, that is because I could not understand in this, where to start and what to talk about first, apologies for this as well.

Football does many things, it’s a big thing itself! As I mentioned, it is an occupation, it is entertainment, it is religion but overall, it’s a game. It’s purpose is to entertain people, but that is not only what we can take out of it. It is really productive morally. If we dig deeper into it, we find that it teaches us many things. It teaches us teamwork, how we should perform when we are united as a group, as a team. It teaches us determination, it teaches us how should we perform as individuals given a team task. It tells how victory is achieved. This is a game that proves that it is more than it, it is a teacher as well. But that depends on the people that how deeply do they take it and understand what they can gain from the game, just entertainment or lessons of success.

There have been and in the future also, there is a certainty that players will come onto the grand stage by hard work. Success isn’t something that can be tasted easily, rather gaining it is what is called the struggle of life. We have numerous examples of players with a success story which is so inspiring. To name a few, there have been cases where at first, the great legends today not even had the money to buy themselves footwear and yet they achieved success by their determination. And trust me, there are many and there is where another lesson comes to our list. Success stories are always inspiring and even more so when it is something like you were nothing at the start, you started at the bottom and yet you came so far and proved yourself.

I thought that I would not name players in this blog just to see what I can do without them and therefore, I couldn’t state a particular example of someone. But when talking about football, there is not a bit of chance that a fan would not come across this topic. One of the most popular debates in the world since past few years, that who is the best player in the world? And there are two nominees for the place – the great Lionel Messi and the wonderful Cristiano Ronaldo. There has been an ongoing and a never-ending debate about who is the best among the two but I do not intend to talk about that debate. It was just necessary to mention them. And well, I can exactly quote an example because both have them have struggled and have achieved success of the highest order. Messi had a growth hormone disease when he was 16 and yet his talent was unstoppable. Ronaldo was an unrecognized player and he worked his heart out and came to this stage. This is what football teaches us, that no matter what problems you have, if you are determined, you will find the goal and get it.

There maybe a darker side to football, well it’s not the darker side of football, but it is made that because of some people, they take it to seriously that they start to commit crimes. Well let’s not get into it. The thing is just that I wanted to prove how beautiful a game is football that it is not just a game, it is more, a lot more! I know this blog was somewhat abrupt because of the irregular content but then I may just say that someday, I would rewrite it and try to write it as beautifully as I can. Hope I got my point if not that clear, but clear enough to make my point to the people.



A football player kicks the ball during the UEFA Champions League football match Lille vs. Copenhagen on August 29, 2012 at the Grand stade in Villeneuve d'Ascq, northern France. AFP PHOTO DENIS CHARLET

Nature – saving us but being killed itself!

I was looking forward to write about this from so many days and finally, today I decided to write about it. Something which lets us live and yet is being killed bu us – mother nature. People say and it is quite often heard by each one of us – this world is beautiful, but what makes it beautiful? Us? That’s a certain no. But who then? It is no other than who gave birth to mankind and to all the species on this planet.

There is a never ending list of things that nature provides us with. I don’t want to list those things but I want all of us to realize the importance of mother nature and how essential it is to save it rather than to exploit it. I wonder why people don’t get to realize it, it’s just a simple sentence to at which if they look deeply, we would find that we all would not exist if nature were not there and yet we don’t stop ourselves from killing it. Nature not only serves us with things with which we depend on to live, also it glamorously increases the beauty of this planet.

I don’t see a lack of reasons for not saving it, rather the list of reasons for saving it just keeps on increasing as we dig deeper. And thus, there is no excuse for those who need some reason to work. The world is fast, and so fast it is developing. The infrastructure is developing with it. Cities are expanding and so are industries just to name of development. Of course, I am not against development, no one is but the point I am trying to make here is just that why do we get so much into developing the infrastructure that we forget our duties that there is something which is not to be trifled with and should be saved. Yes, the nature!

The management of cities and places needs to be looked at again and they should be reminded about this. Not just there is one reason, but there are so many! And again, as some people have done this for so long, they still continue to do so, just sit back, relax and comment! Yes, that is what some careless people have done till now and they sure will in the future, they don’t look at themselves, their own contribution but mock the world for doing the same, that is what is insanely disappointing. At least if you can’t do a even a bit for this world, then let others do it. And thank god that there are some who realize it and are working to get it fixed. Yes, if there are so many to blame, there are some to praise as well. And it feels good to see that there are places where steps are being taken and people are being awaken and are made aware what have they been doing so yet and so far and what should they intend to do in the forthcoming time.

I live in India and I was one happy citizen last year as the government of my country took steps about cleaning the country. I am not getting into the program but just stating that even though it took steps for something good, it’s program has not been quite effective till now as far as I have seen things. Though it is a long-term project and tends to bring in the effect after quite a long time, yet the reason for not being effective till now was the lack of participation of the people itself. Yes, that is what I my point is. There is no blame game to be played where the people mock the management and the government giving reasons, there is just active participation of people, each one of us in these projects and programs.

Nature is a bliss and a bless to each one of us. The beauty it provides, the shelter, the things. We are just a selfish species using it for our own good and not even saving it. Come on, if we are selfish enough, why don’t we realize it that it is for our own good that we need to save it! There’s no fashion show going after all. The ecological system they say, we are a part of it and being a part we have our responsibilities towards it. Developing cities maybe necessary, growing industries maybe necessary too but nothing is as necessary as saving our own mother and nature is our mother.

We should push some sense into ourselves. At least if we don’t have the power to think, we can see and learn from the people who are making efforts. No one is asking anyone to do it on a very large scale or donate money in eco-friendly programs, but for god’s sake and maybe your own sake, do you little bit. A child learns these things in school but it is a part of all this. At least be kind enough to not to be a part of nature’s destruction if you can’t be a part of the productive side.

We will come across so many of people who are making efforts to tell us what’s right and they will ask us to do what is really right. Even we know what is right and what is good for us. The others can only make an effort to persuade us. We are the ones that can stand for ourselves and take action, with our own will. Again, I say this, it is for our own good, for the love of mankind. The nature has served us all this time and will continue to do so but now it needs our help. We need to wake up. It’s to save our mother, our mother nature!