Hello, this is my 3rd blog post and well, happy to tell that it is with an appropriate topic – blogging! In this blog, I tend to write how it feels about blogging, what are it’s advantages and yes of course, why is it so interesting. The first thing that I would say is that blogging may be referred to as a hobby by some, a passion by another and whatnot is blogging. It may be so important to a person sometimes. Some blogs may be a source of inspiration to some people. For me, it seems more like a future addiction I would say. Well, I have my well defined interest in it and I could see it myself with the curiosity that I tend to have developed these days by checking the number of visitors and views that I have received and sadly, it is not a large number.

Now, the second thing which I would speak about are the advantages related to blogging. It has quite big ones and it has the smaller ones too. The big ones of course – you can make money out of it. People do make money writing blogs but at my level, it is far enough for me to reach there. For that, you need that humongous amount of traffic and views and likes and whatnot on your posts and site. The smaller ones or simply, the ones applicable at my level are that it makes us a better person and it is a source of inspiration. Well, it is to me at least. Blogging improves our writing and communication skills and improves our way of looking at things, the way we analyze them. Also, you can spread your information and knowledge through blogging. And may your blog prove to be helpful to someone.

Thirdly, blogging is interesting. I would get so many agreeing with me on this because it really is. We get to know so much through blogging. We get to know each others’ thoughts and what they know, how they look at things. If we have an idol or something, we can just follow him/her and get to know what they share with the people. Blogging is just another way of connecting with the world and yes, this is a quite lively way! My blogging skills may not be quite satisfactory but I intend to tell people how much I love this and share what I feel about things and share as much as I know. Blogging is special to me and I tend to become a good writer one day.

Hope this one was okay and I am off to an okay start to blogging.





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