Today’s post is about criticism – what is it like being criticized. Criticism is something which everyone comes across someday or the other. It is witnessed by everyone at some point. It is of different types – not well defined I would say. Some people would think that criticism is something bad, something negative or something one should not witness. But this thought is absolutely wrong.

One should take criticism positively or rather I’d say that criticism is something necessary. Criticism is something constructive, very constructive indeed. It may be harsh sometimes and some would start thinking that it is cruel and the people are not appreciating their efforts but it isn’t right. On the contrary, it may be cruel but it tends to make you even better. Whatever you do, you should be ready to face some sort of criticism – may it be from your friends, may it be from your family and if you’re a  professional, then may it be from journalists or other sort of critics. Whatever you may do, whether it’s you hobby or your occupation or simply something you love doing, you will come across criticism at some point. It’s not a choice that one can make, it is a part of everyone’s life and one simply cannot deny it.

For me, being criticized for things is a part of my life and I find it really necessary. I mean, how would people improve if they just start getting praises for what they do. Isn’t it necessary to tell people that if they have done something which isn’t up to the mark then they need to be made aware about it? Well, I feel so and I would find a number of people agreeing with me at this. I have been criticized a number of times in my life for certain things that I have done but after that, I only found myself midst a situation where things went better than before. I mean, who doesn’t get criticized, even the best of people with the most beautiful thoughts are criticized and have been criticized since ages and this is an ongoing process which never tends to stop and is not supposed to as well. My country’s freedom fighters were criticized like Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose to name a few, even when they were doing it for others and not for themselves. So there, I seem to have proved my point.

People have their own take on criticism, some feel bad about it but they need to understand. And whatnot does criticism give you for improving in what you are and what you do. It is something which gives you the result based on your perception. Yes, it may stop you from being what you are if you take it in a negative way or it may give you a boost which will only make you better. And trust me, you’d want to be on the roller coaster that only goes up. Returning to my point, I may well be criticized for this blog, but I would take it in a positive way, after all, I’ve just started this thing(blogging). So, here I reach the near end of my blog. I hope that you people like it and I hope further from this point in your lives, you take criticism as I have suggested and I am sure you will improve in the things that you do.

I read this quote somewhere, I’ve even posted a photo of it. Thought this would end it good: “If you’re not open to constructive criticism, then you’re not open to truly growing as a person.”





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