Today’s blog is dedicated to one of the all time greats, one of the greatest scientists – Sir Stephen William Hawking. It would have been quite easy for me just to copy down all of his Wikipedia page but err, no. That would have not been a good idea at all. After all, it’s not just the information you want to get, because greatness is something to be told as well. And oh dear, what a great person he has been to the world!

To begin with, Stephen Hawking was born on 8th January 1942 in Oxford, England. And that he had done his studies in England as well, he had started his higher studies at University College, Oxford. And later, he got a first-class honors degree after which he went to Cambridge to start off with his research. I don’t want to dig deep in this and tell you all this in detail because that would make it quite similar to the Wikipedia page, I don’t want to make it boring and since I know if people would like to get information, why wouldn’t they go on the Wikipedia page. I mean, after all, that is a Wikipedia page, the first place where people go after Google to get information about something. This blog is more like telling about his greatness as I mentioned before, greatness is something to be told as well.

Stephen William Hawking is an icon, an idol and a true superhero, even after facing so much of difficulties, he did everything he wanted and served the world with his beautiful work. He had this one simple sounding question and this man spent all his life getting the answers to that because obviously, it wasn’t an easy one or simply difficult enough for anyone else to answer it. Yes, maybe that’s because he did it and no one else could! He gave us the Big Bang Theory and explained this world and answered that question which everyone else was scratching their heads over – How it all started? How this universe began? Everyone had their own perception regarding this question but no one was able to explain it and give one clear-cut theory about it.

He has had this disease – the motor neuron disease which ruined his body, paralyzed it. It was a slow and progressive disease which took it’s time to totally affect his body, maybe it did it’s job and stopped his body functions but maybe it wasn’t strong enough to stop the man himself. Maybe his will won and this man won over life. He defeated his difficulties faster than he answered those questions. Well, it’s okay if someone doesn’t get what he did, maybe that is not what is necessary to learn from him. But the thing which is necessary and the thing which you get to learn from him certainly is determination. I mean how it insane it sounds that a person’s whole body is not functioning and yet he discovered the secret of the universe, he can’t even move his fingers!

Well, there we come across the truth of life, that obstacles are merely excuses that you would give, if you really want something, then you better not let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. Another great scientist once said a beautiful thing, it was Thomas A.Edison while he invented the electric bulb, he was asked about his failure as before inventing it, he failed 10,000 times so he said “I have not failed, I have just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” It was beautiful, the way he looked at it. No one could ever say that he failed after this quote. It proved that all those times he failed, he did not waste that time, it was all productive in some manner.

Sir Stephen W. Hawking operates and communicates using a computer, which is connected to his cheek muscle, the only functional muscle in his body. Yet, what he does is amazing because the computer just tells what he is thinking and it would be totally useless if we won’t think of anything. Won’t it? It would be good to mention that his computer is a bit extraordinary as none of us witness computers of this sort which read your mind through your cheek muscle everyday. It is powered by Intel processors and must say, well done Intel!

This blog here is not enough to describe Sir Stephen Hawking’s greatness and achievements and all that he did for the world. He is a person envied by everyone and he may be old now but he still continues to be a superhuman and continues to discover the secrets of this tiny yet large world we live in. Praising, words, awards are just small things to do to thank a person for being so exceptionally awesome but at the end, none of these are enough. Stephen Hawking is an amazing person and I am one glad human to proudly say it because it is amazing for me to see such a great person in this era. His work is appreciated and will always be. He has earned numerous awards and also an Oscar winning film ‘The Theory Of Everything’ has been made on his life and achievements and it is a beautiful representation.

At the end of this blog, I would just thank Sir Stephen William Hawking to be so great and inspiring. He is an amazing person and people love what he does. May this world continue to witness his excellent and exceptional work for upcoming years.





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