Today, I intend to write about the greatest trend in the world at present – The Social Network. It has numerous advantages and disadvantages related to it. It has been a boon to this fast growing world at some place whereas at the same point, it tends to harm the society at some point as well. I shall discuss everything in this blog.

Social networking has taken over this world. It has created a world of it’s own – a virtual world where people connect to each other through various means. Isn’t it quite amusing that once people had to wait for days and weeks if they needed to talk to someone, they sent a letter about which they were not sure that when will it reach the desired place and sometimes not even sure that whether it will reach or not! And now, it doesn’t take more than a second once you press the send button. The world has come far, really far from what it was earlier. The world has changed. Maybe the change is good, but everything has two sides to it and so does this technological swing has it’s own two sides.

It has become a part of people’s lives, no one now can imagine a world without social networking, from small scale communication to large scale communication, the world depends on the social network. It seems quite correct to say that the world will stop if there were no social networking. Well, again, it’s good. It’s advantages are seemingly high. Why would not anyone want to connect to someone in a second if they can? Everyone would want that. Who wants to wait in this super fast world where time stops for no one. People use e-mails, messaging, video calls and whatnot to communicate. There are numerous social networking sites and software which have been developed as a part of this, the most common and widely used are of course Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp to name a few. Yes, these are the ones which are used on a very large scale but there are many more, and list keeps growing because now it is becoming a trend as well, well not wrong to say – business.

A market has been set up. There is competition everywhere. No wonder here as well as I mentioned. Developers needed to do something and so they have found a way to compete. Yes, different developers tend to develop their own applications with more features and compete in this market. Well, that makes it for two purposes, one for connecting people and the second, for business advantages. Maybe that’s how it works. But at some point I feel that this should be limited just to the purpose of connecting people and not for business. Competing is good, that is what brings the best out of the previous but it may be not so fulfilling at some point. Well, that is for me to say and it is my perception. Some may disagree with me so, I shall not dig deep into it and just stay focused on the topic.

Each company has it’s own story, how they entered into the social networking world, the world of internet. Facebook has it’s own, Google has it’s own, WhatsApp has it’s own and so on. But it did take a great deed for them to develop such incredible applications and now they are the one of the biggest IT companies in this world. That’s some awesomeness. I maybe contradicting my own point here, but maybe if they are the part of this business and competition thing, but they always had the best intentions as to how they can serve the people with better facilities to connect. Everything they try, maybe if it is for business, but it does serve this world with better things and there is just nothing wrong in that.

From waiting for weeks to get a hand-written reply to instantly talking face to face even sitting miles away from each other. This may just sum up that how this technological swing brought about a change in this world. It really has numerous advantages and I may just not be able to list them all. Who would have thought this that Information Technology will develop this much and the social network will take over this world? I am sure about this, nobody. In the early times, even the idea of a telephone must have seemed to be impossible but yet, it happened. Things will happen, they would never stop. Development is an ongoing process and it never stops, well, that is why it is development!

Coming to the dark side of this whole story, the social network has some disadvantages as well. It has done tremendous things yet it is ceased to have a dark side too. Firstly, because of social networking, some people have become too busy in connecting to the outer world, that they have forgot about the people near them. Some people now don’t enjoy in the same way as they did earlier. They seem to have started getting away from their own family and friends which are near to them. I mean, is connecting to the outer world is so necessary? That you start getting away from the people around you? No, this is is the reason this is quite a disadvantage of the social networking world. It may be endlessly amusing and may have done wonders in this world, but it should not keep you away from what you have. Your physical presence is more necessary rather than your presence in the virtual world. Internet should not take over you being physically present.

The world has changed. It will continue to do so, after all, development is an ongoing process, it is not supposed to stop. Information technology seems to have done quite an amazing job in changing this world. Yes, people love it, even I do. But my point is just that, it should not take over yourself, it should not change you as a person and it should not permanently let you inside the virtual world because people around you are as necessary as the the people with whom you are trying to connect. Change is good, but only till it’s limits. I do support the social network, it is amazing and it has done wonders, and it will in the future as well. We may get to see something which seems to be impossible for now, but that is how it goes, that is what is called the social network.





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