Today, the topic for the blog is ‘Competition’. Competition is something which comes across in everyone’s life, at some point or the other. Unlike criticism, you don’t have to face competition everywhere around but yes, it is certainly something witnessed quite often. And yes, as you would expect me to say this, according to me, and maybe according to so many people in this world, competition is necessary and I shall discuss it in this blog.

Competition – the desire to get better, better than others and probably, being better that one’s own self. Whatever we do, we want it to be the best. Whether it’s our occupation, hobby or something desired, we need to face competition or rather I would say that we like to face competition. And yes, certainly it is quite healthy. But only till it stays fair and not some personal greed comes in between. I shall come back to this point later. For now, let’s remain focused here. Competition is everywhere. Whether it’s your 5 year old child going to school or if it’s about multinational corporations fighting to be the best. It is something which is witnessed everywhere in this vast world.

There is competition in the business market, in your local market, that who does marketing better than the other and who earns more, there is competition in the technological market, who designs better applications and devices and so on and so forth, there is competition everywhere. But there is one major advantage of competition, it tends to provide people with the best, the best of the kind. For anything, suppose if there are two food companies who are competitors and are competing for having the best sale, then people shall get the best, the best food they make. And this is just because competition tends to develop this idea in the competitors’ mind that they should be better, better than any other. And there is no way one can suggest that this is bad or something wrong or unnecessary. It is not abrupt. It is something healthy for this world, for the people. Even if it is at a smaller level, if it is just about a school child competing in a drawing competition at school, the child tends to have the same feeling of doing the best and winning the competition. This is just how it goes.

Competition is necessary, but it should be kept in control that a healthy competition does not transform into a fight. Yes, I’m coming back to the point that I made earlier. Some people tend to use competition to take revenge from one another and they take this ‘healthy’ competition to a totally different level, a level at which it becomes harmful and sometimes, the personal greed even tends to take the people’s lives. Yes, competition should be kept healthy and this is really necessary because history has witnessed cases wherein people have lost their lives at the cost of a competition which was unnecessarily taken to the level where it went out of control. Thus, it becomes a necessity to control this.

While competing, a person should always have a positive thought about winning a competition that he/she should give his best and have a fair play to win it. One should not weep for losing a competition rather, one should learn from it and develop a positive thought inside one’s mind that the next time they come with more preparation and have a different story for themselves. This is how the story of a ‘HEALTHY’ competition goes, you don’t get demotivated on losing and weep for not winning it but you take a pledge to do even better the next time. And this is where the story of competing with one’s own self comes, and this is even better as there is no point that you bring in greed and personal fights with your own self, that would be senseless.

There are some points to be kept in mind while competing for anything, that is to say whenever you face a competition in life. Never compete with haste, it may be urgent to win but you should always keep yourself calm at all times and never lose professionalism and sportsmanship. It’s okay to lose, nobody in this world is perfect as no one is supposed to. You lose sometimes, you want to win and you will only win if you have the spirit in yourself. This is not a dressing room of a team that I’m saying it like a motivational speech to tell how to do it, but it is something necessary to know, again, that is what the story of a healthy competition goes.

That is all to say I guess, there are many things about it that I may have missed writing in this blog but I think it’s enough to summarize it. Enough to summarize how a competition should take place or rather how a ‘HEALTHY’ competition should take place because a healthy competition is what is productive, the entrance of personal rage and greed ruins the fun of it and of course, ruins it productiveness.



PS: I hope to have been improving on my writing skills, still working on it and hoping to get better. I wish that you guys are liking it.



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