I was looking forward to write about this from so many days and finally, today I decided to write about it. Something which lets us live and yet is being killed bu us – mother nature. People say and it is quite often heard by each one of us – this world is beautiful, but what makes it beautiful? Us? That’s a certain no. But who then? It is no other than who gave birth to mankind and to all the species on this planet.

There is a never ending list of things that nature provides us with. I don’t want to list those things but I want all of us to realize the importance of mother nature and how essential it is to save it rather than to exploit it. I wonder why people don’t get to realize it, it’s just a simple sentence to at which if they look deeply, we would find that we all would not exist if nature were not there and yet we don’t stop ourselves from killing it. Nature not only serves us with things with which we depend on to live, also it glamorously increases the beauty of this planet.

I don’t see a lack of reasons for not saving it, rather the list of reasons for saving it just keeps on increasing as we dig deeper. And thus, there is no excuse for those who need some reason to work. The world is fast, and so fast it is developing. The infrastructure is developing with it. Cities are expanding and so are industries just to name of development. Of course, I am not against development, no one is but the point I am trying to make here is just that why do we get so much into developing the infrastructure that we forget our duties that there is something which is not to be trifled with and should be saved. Yes, the nature!

The management of cities and places needs to be looked at again and they should be reminded about this. Not just there is one reason, but there are so many! And again, as some people have done this for so long, they still continue to do so, just sit back, relax and comment! Yes, that is what some careless people have done till now and they sure will in the future, they don’t look at themselves, their own contribution but mock the world for doing the same, that is what is insanely disappointing. At least if you can’t do a even a bit for this world, then let others do it. And thank god that there are some who realize it and are working to get it fixed. Yes, if there are so many to blame, there are some to praise as well. And it feels good to see that there are places where steps are being taken and people are being awaken and are made aware what have they been doing so yet and so far and what should they intend to do in the forthcoming time.

I live in India and I was one happy citizen last year as the government of my country took steps about cleaning the country. I am not getting into the program but just stating that even though it took steps for something good, it’s program has not been quite effective till now as far as I have seen things. Though it is a long-term project and tends to bring in the effect after quite a long time, yet the reason for not being effective till now was the lack of participation of the people itself. Yes, that is what I my point is. There is no blame game to be played where the people mock the management and the government giving reasons, there is just active participation of people, each one of us in these projects and programs.

Nature is a bliss and a bless to each one of us. The beauty it provides, the shelter, the things. We are just a selfish species using it for our own good and not even saving it. Come on, if we are selfish enough, why don’t we realize it that it is for our own good that we need to save it! There’s no fashion show going after all. The ecological system they say, we are a part of it and being a part we have our responsibilities towards it. Developing cities maybe necessary, growing industries maybe necessary too but nothing is as necessary as saving our own mother and nature is our mother.

We should push some sense into ourselves. At least if we don’t have the power to think, we can see and learn from the people who are making efforts. No one is asking anyone to do it on a very large scale or donate money in eco-friendly programs, but for god’s sake and maybe your own sake, do you little bit. A child learns these things in school but it is a part of all this. At least be kind enough to not to be a part of nature’s destruction if you can’t be a part of the productive side.

We will come across so many of people who are making efforts to tell us what’s right and they will ask us to do what is really right. Even we know what is right and what is good for us. The others can only make an effort to persuade us. We are the ones that can stand for ourselves and take action, with our own will. Again, I say this, it is for our own good, for the love of mankind. The nature has served us all this time and will continue to do so but now it needs our help. We need to wake up. It’s to save our mother, our mother nature!





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