Today’s blog post is dedicated to the most auspicious sport in the world and my favorite as well – Football. Referred to as soccer by some, but it’s true name is football, the Americans are basically the reason the word ‘Soccer’ came into spotlight as they consider rugby to be the sport called football, well that is the story in their nation.

Starting off, I wanted to talk about the title of this blog, I regarded the game as the best in the world but the thing is that I am no one to decide that, rather it is just my opinion and I would sincerely apologize to the people who disagree with this but no one could disagree to the point that it is the most popular. Now, coming back to talking about the game, it’s story began in England, mainly pointing, it originated there. I don’t often write informative blogs and therefore, I won’t tell the tale because it has a really long one and also because that would make it boring and of course, Wikipedia is the first place people will go to for finding the history of the game and my blogs are no match for it. Also, honestly, I have no idea about it’s real tale of origin, it is just that I am quite a fan of the sport.

This blog post, not being informative is about the intensity, the beauty of the game and why is it the most popular and why is it loved by millions on this planet. Now actually beginning, football is a sport played in 250 countries of the world with over 250 million player, yep, that’s quite an enormous number. When we talk about football, there are certain things that come up, the rules, the fouls. But as I said, this blog doesn’t intend about telling about the rules, the fouls or making it an instructive guide for those who want to watch it. It is simply intended about discussing it, the love for it and for all the things people are interested in excluding the rules. Apologies for that though.

So, if not getting to the rules, just to make a swift start, football is played between two teams with eleven players each side and as everyone knows, the side with more goals triumphs. Football maybe just a sport for some, but in some countries, it is taken as seriously that it becomes the religion of some. Some people take it too seriously. This isn’t something inappropriate but it is the passion of the people for the beautiful game. Well,  just to mention, that I am really huge fan of football but I limit myself to take it as one of my favorite hobbies.

Football is a hobby to some like me, a passion for some, a religion for some and for some, it is their occupation. It is what they live with. Yes folks, the players. They are the ones running the show. As the game is a religion to some, it is also the life of the players, it is what they earn through. Some players are so passionate and exceedingly determined that they live to play football. Yes, there have been plenty stories witnessed by this world with which people could inspire themselves. The game is intense, has numerously as many things to talk about that it has become a blunder for me to write about it. And reading this, many of you might have witnessed that today’s content has not been in sequence, rather a mixed bag of my thoughts about the game have been presented. Well, that is because I could not understand in this, where to start and what to talk about first, apologies for this as well.

Football does many things, it’s a big thing itself! As I mentioned, it is an occupation, it is entertainment, it is religion but overall, it’s a game. It’s purpose is to entertain people, but that is not only what we can take out of it. It is really productive morally. If we dig deeper into it, we find that it teaches us many things. It teaches us teamwork, how we should perform when we are united as a group, as a team. It teaches us determination, it teaches us how should we perform as individuals given a team task. It tells how victory is achieved. This is a game that proves that it is more than it, it is a teacher as well. But that depends on the people that how deeply do they take it and understand what they can gain from the game, just entertainment or lessons of success.

There have been and in the future also, there is a certainty that players will come onto the grand stage by hard work. Success isn’t something that can be tasted easily, rather gaining it is what is called the struggle of life. We have numerous examples of players with a success story which is so inspiring. To name a few, there have been cases where at first, the great legends today not even had the money to buy themselves footwear and yet they achieved success by their determination. And trust me, there are many and there is where another lesson comes to our list. Success stories are always inspiring and even more so when it is something like you were nothing at the start, you started at the bottom and yet you came so far and proved yourself.

I thought that I would not name players in this blog just to see what I can do without them and therefore, I couldn’t state a particular example of someone. But when talking about football, there is not a bit of chance that a fan would not come across this topic. One of the most popular debates in the world since past few years, that who is the best player in the world? And there are two nominees for the place – the great Lionel Messi and the wonderful Cristiano Ronaldo. There has been an ongoing and a never-ending debate about who is the best among the two but I do not intend to talk about that debate. It was just necessary to mention them. And well, I can exactly quote an example because both have them have struggled and have achieved success of the highest order. Messi had a growth hormone disease when he was 16 and yet his talent was unstoppable. Ronaldo was an unrecognized player and he worked his heart out and came to this stage. This is what football teaches us, that no matter what problems you have, if you are determined, you will find the goal and get it.

There maybe a darker side to football, well it’s not the darker side of football, but it is made that because of some people, they take it to seriously that they start to commit crimes. Well let’s not get into it. The thing is just that I wanted to prove how beautiful a game is football that it is not just a game, it is more, a lot more! I know this blog was somewhat abrupt because of the irregular content but then I may just say that someday, I would rewrite it and try to write it as beautifully as I can. Hope I got my point if not that clear, but clear enough to make my point to the people.



A football player kicks the ball during the UEFA Champions League football match Lille vs. Copenhagen on August 29, 2012 at the Grand stade in Villeneuve d'Ascq, northern France. AFP PHOTO DENIS CHARLET


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