Today’s blog is about the most important thing in this world – time! Time drives us, drives the world and is simply the master of this world and agree or not, but we all are it’s slaves. We have no right to play with it. Nobody is greater than time. Time is the ruler. The king for which the world is a slave. It is a really interesting topic to discuss and bring upon it’s importance inside the minds of all of us.

Time, where shall I begin writing about it, it is so deep, such an intense topic. Our life consists so many things, it is made up so many, we have so many things to do in our lives, but all of this is to be done in the limitations of this master of all – time! May sound a bit absurd and silly but if our life is a game, then time is the judge, the referee. Time is such an important thing. It is inevitable and undeniable by anyone. You just can’t ignore it. No one has it as a choice in their lives, it is a default ruler. Just as some programs are already installed by default in our PCs, which run them, the same way is time. It is the one running this world.

The thing about time is that it may be cruel, productive or helpful. But here, we have a choice. If we want time to treat us well, then we can make the choice. It’s like a give and take deal. You respect time, it helps you. You don’t, it ruins you. I am not a perfectly disciplined human that I totally make out the full usage of my time, rather I am one of those people who need to realize it’s importance. And this is one of the primary reasons why I am writing about it. I want to realize myself because I know it is necessary to do so.

Our life is fragile, sensitive, it depends on time. We depend on time. But time is like a free bird. Nothing bothers this ruler, it is ongoing and it stops for none. The one who realize this and start moving along are the ones who taste success and triumph in life. The ones who don’t just live an obnoxious life with leisure just being a dream which they once could chase. It is a wonderful thought that I once heard about time, “The way a man treats time defines the man and tells his stature.” I really like this thought, it is a beautiful one and true indeed. People may be defined by this, the way they treat time. People who do realize this are generally the ones saying that I have no time to do nothing. Ha! This a common thing and must be witnessed by almost all the people.

Time cannot be defined, it has no proper definition. It is everything. Yep, that is just what you can say, obviously saying that it tells about the date and time would be quite lumpish. Coming back, whatnot is time. Time is money, time is energy, time is so and so but overall, time is life! Time is something for which everyone pleads. Time is not partial, purely unbiased! Every person in this world has the same stock of time, everyone has the same amount. It’s like a bank which provides every user with same amount of money. Everyone gets a 24 hour day. Here comes where the people are distinguished, here is where people can make a choice again. Here is where they can put themselves in a category they want. The way they utilize their 24 hour day discriminates them on whether they are successful or not.

At the end of the day, in the 24th hour maybe, when people look at themselves and review their day that what they had done today defines what kind of time they are having and what sort of a life they are living. No one in this world comes with an advantage, if someone has financial advantage of family and they do not respect time, they are going to suffer later, but they will. There is just no treat! For the children, their parents keep yelling at them that do not waste time because they know it’s importance. They have seen the world, the elders. They know how the story goes. That is why they mock us. I am a student too and I realize that it is important for me to do the same, respect time because I have not in my past. Elders know that the people make their own story and it depends on the people themselves whether to end it with awesomeness or not. Epitomizing, they know the importance of time.

People who have been successful did not even have the time to give excuses. They utilized their 24 hour day in the best possible manner so as to get the best possible results in their lives. And indeed, they got it! It is for us, it is on our shoulders. We have got to make the choice that whether we look at the gazing stars and end our days with a shining smile or to end them with the same disappointment. We have this choice. We got to understand that we are not the ones controlling time but time is controlling us, we are it’s slaves. And it is for all of us including me, it’s time to make the right choice.





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