I have not written a blog since two days due to my examinations and I was so much waiting to write the next. So, here it is! Today’s blog is about life. I guess I should have been a bit more mature when talking about this, but never too young to give it a shot!

So, to begin with, a simple question with perhaps no appropriate answer – what is life? It is a rather stupid question but still, it is the way it is. Life has no definition. It’s just everything. The things we see, we hear, we do, the purpose of everything that is done is life. We work to live, we eat to live, we breathe to live. The purpose of everything that we do is related to life. But this is not about what life is. But how is it lived? Everyone has a different life. A different way to live it, some unpleasant whilst some full of leisure.

Let’s go to where we all begin. We all start off in this world as infants, then we grow up and all, find a purpose for us and settle and the very usual story that continues until we all die. Everyone dies, no one is immortal. That is just the way it is. There are people with miserable lives. It’s fair to say that we don’t begin the same way. Some take birth in a rich family, while some in slums. Life ain’t fair at this point. It is biased here. There is no reason for this but some people who believe in god will say it’s because of the bad things we committed in the previous life we had. Well, it is just a sin. But this is not the point here. The thing which does matter here is the fact that wherever we begin, it’s not in our hand. But the way we end it, the climax, it is a choice that we make.

Life ain’t no fairy tale. It is what we make it. The people who curse the god for the miserable life they are having are the ones who seek excuses to make. They just weep for their life. But they don’t understand and there are many who don’t. What is life again? It is nothing but one’s own perception. Yes, it is just another definition. Life is the perception of people. It’s their verdict how they look at it. It is their alternative to make it a misery or a fairy tale. And where there are people who look for excuses for not achieving success, at the same place, in the same world, there have been such great men and women who have proved that it is just a matter of perception. The way you look at it. The way we see the world is what it becomes and so does life.

Talking of success stories again that prove all of this, there is a never-ending list that goes, it won’t ever stop. It will keep growing. Talking of some examples here, there have been so many that I don’t know have to begin with. Okay, let’s take a live example, the owner of Reliance Industries Pvt. Ltd. Mukesh Ambani, one of the richest people in the world had a miserable life, but if he would have given up, then there would not have been a Mukesh Ambani. Another huge example, the prime minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi was a tea vendor who used to sell tea at railway stations and now is leading the nation. Isaac Newton had no money, he too had a same miserable life, but they did not curse God for this puddle of misery, rather they accepted what they had and thought to fight back. As I said, the list goes on and will never end.

Life doesn’t give opportunities for itself, we have to grab them on our own. Impossible is nothing. The people who get through their miseries and hard times and come out even strong are the ones to taste real success. And not only that they live a life of leisure after that but are always remembered. They make history. These sort of people earn the tag of being ‘legends’! Life is not to be lived in a haste. It is necessary to get through all this, but there is just one life. So, once we achieve it, we get to taste fun and the pleasure. Then is the time that people feel blessed rather than being curse. Again, here we witness the theory of perception. People’s own perception makes them the kind of person they are.

Life is a bag of struggles, but the half of it. If we clear that, then it’s a bag full of presents, just like a fairy tale. If people literally devote themselves and struggle in the first phase, the second phase comes out to be even more  astonishing. More the struggle, more the bar of your success ascends. If not, then you are the ones who are to blame for it. Then, we just get stuck in the first phase. Forever. Life may be unfair at the start, but we can change it. The tortoise can triumph over the rabbit, and be the best. Slow, steady but success. People shine when they achieve success of this sort, they shine more than the stars.

Excuses are not for the rest. They are for ourselves, and I have realized it, on a small scale though, but I have. And I am glad that there are people who made me realize and they are my life’s treat. A beautiful life is not gifted. It is constructed. There are many things to talk about and I will talk about all of this again, sometime in the future. I’ll write it more deeply than I have now. After all, I am just a 17 year old teenager. I have got a long way ahead of me. To experience this beautiful life. Yes, that is my perception towards it, life is beautiful. I am sure of it. But I am yet to see the beautiful side. One day, I will! And I hope that people understand what it is all about. This sums it all, the way it is. Life, as it stands.





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