The subject of today’s blog is self-satisfaction. Something we all live for, we stride all through our lives to get this. This is one of the primary purposes of our lives. But the question is that is it something which can’t be achieved? I guess so. There is nearly purpose of everything that we do in life. We seek to perform tasks to accomplish the goals that we have set for ourselves. For this, we go on with one step after the other, but at each step, we ask ourselves – was it enough? This is an exceedingly curious question that triggers in  each one of us’ minds.

Well, there can be a theory built on this. It is too broad to be judged. Sometimes, some little morals prove to be so difficult to be solved, sometimes they are unanswerable. There are so many questions inside us, even related to this as in –  was it enough? Am I satisfied? Should I be satisfied? and so on. The answer to all of these is a simple no. We humans never tend to be satisfied. And why should we be satisfied? It is said that the day a person will be truly satisfied with himself/herself, it will be the day that the person shall become a ‘perfect human’ and come on, we all know that nobody is perfect. No one should be. Perfect is something unachievable as well. Coming back to satisfaction, is it just a feeling? For me, no, I intend to take it as one of the purposes of life.

This feeling of satisfaction rather self-satisfaction to be precise should never be achieved. Because if it is achieved, then we all shall stop, we won’t work, we won’t continue because this feeling would be established inside our minds that we have got everything we need, perhaps we would start thinking that we have nothing else to do, we will be idol. This would be some serious stuff, it will be destructive. Sitting idol in this world is one of the most destructive things that may occur as we say that “An empty mind is a devil’s workshop.” And the story won’t end there, self-satisfaction is the biggest enemy of development. It contradicts development in every possible way you can think of. Not just an enemy of development, but it proves to be an enemy of a person. It blocks the growth of ideas in a person’s mind. And trust me on this, the day ideas are blocked, the world would stop.

Everything in this world that the human kind has achieved, everything, has been the product of ideas and perhaps the product of being ‘unsatisfied’. This doesn’t mean that satisfaction is a destructive feeling, no. We shall not mislead it. It is quite tricky and puzzling. We shall focus more in this part, being satisfied on small things is not a misery. We have to accept the things we have, the things that are in our fortune. Sometimes, being unsatisfied for stupid things is wrong as in people who want things for their leisure by performing worth a penny is wrong, rather obnoxious. We need to be satisfied with the things we have, but not with the things we want. A full stop to the idea of achieving more will kill you. But being satisfied with what you have and you kick off with your journey to achieving success with being satisfied with the resources you possess would surely do you good. Yep, that’s how you deal with satisfaction.

Humans are sensitive, delicate and rather complex. We are always in a dilemma of how to put the things in a right manner. Where to use our ideas to build ourselves. Where to express ideas so that the world can see a glimpse of what we are capable of. The one who does this in a better way is the one who drives himself to real success. But then too, that one person doesn’t achieve self-satisfaction because one is not supposed to. Again, the person was satisfied with his resources that he had, but wasn’t satisfied with what he wanted. That it is where the tweak is! The part where people are distinguished. The way in which they make this choice decides who are they and what are they supposed to be.

There are different sides to self-satisfaction as well, well that is because of so vast variety of people that live in this world. Some people aren’t satisfied because they want to achieve more, some aren’t satisfied because they want more destruction, some aren’t satisfied because they couldn’t do enough for the welfare of the rest. This difference develops due to the difference in kind of people. There are many. And each one has a different desire, but the mantra for achieving the respective things remains the same. Never be satisfied for what you have achieved till now, because there is no dead end in progress. Progress means moving on. And there is always something more to do, and you might not know what is waiting for you in the future. Your perception towards being satisfied decides the direction you would go in. And that is how the tale goes.

And here, we come to the conclusion that self-satisfaction cannot be achieved, rather should not be achieved. It may have it’s own effects. We must keep in mind that achievements never end, nothing we do is perfect. It is not supposed to be. The road never ends. The feeling of not being satisfied pushes us to do more. It is what it should be like. Self-satisfaction may be achievable, but is not meant to be achieved. The world tends to move on and so do we.




2 thoughts on “Self-satisfaction – the unachievable?

  1. “We need to be satisfied with the things we have, but not with the things we want.” i love this sentence of yours! (materialistic world!)

    This longing for something more is not for money or this or that, it is a just a thirst of an unconsciousness which coming from simple mundane life. When it comes to self- satisfaction, the choice is not whether or not to be fully satisfied or achievable(like you said! Bravo..) but whether to be conscious on truly satisfied, it is the difference between walking with your eyes open and your eyes closed. 🙂

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