“Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

As the quote above says, imagination can take us everywhere. Is it? Well let’s start this with imagining. A general, example to begin with, imagine a world without vehicles. Imagine a green world with only trees all around. It was easy I suppose because I could myself see it in my mind. Obviously this wasn’t special, but I guess we could make out that it proves the great quote. Well of course, Einstein wasn’t imagining this what I told the readers to, but indeed, he had seen the world, and had one in his own mind.

Imagination is powerful. It can do wonders, and history is the witness that it has! People often co-relate ‘thinking’ with ‘imagining’ which is not particularly, but to some extent is incorrect. The terms are different. Imagination is something deep. It takes us to a different world. It may not reflect the reality, but it does reflect a man’s potential. Imagination is a place where ideas take birth. And ideas, are the irrational thoughts which make people do astonishing wonders in this world. It makes them do it. It drives them through.

Imagination is a weapon, armor for a person. Perhaps the most powerful tool a person may possess, and a one that can’t be stolen. Imagination is always original. There is no stealing! A person may borrow everything in his life-cycle but cannot borrow his ideas. Ideas are meant to be original. They are the ones that make a person more valuable, make them productive. Imagination is a powerhouse, a factory of thoughts. Every person has a different power of imaging things in one’s mind and it may be productive. Well, that is something that depends on the kind of person one is. People are there, who have weak imagination. Perhaps, they are more suited with the work they do, they work for others’ ideas but I am not talking about them.

Everyone in this world is not supposed to be special. If someone is not, they can. They just need to work with  it. People in this world take time to adopt with things, get in the swing of them. People back in time, did not respect the ideas of people who have had contributions large enough that they changed this world. The people back then would put a tag of being ‘stupid’ on the people that were imagining. The people who were imagining though, had a completely different mindset. They were stiff and adamant to their imagination because they knew the world needed them, and I wonder what kind of world were they imagining back then, but they did change it. Even today, imagination is ignored by some. But it is inevitable as it is supposed to be. People need to stop thinking about others, they need to get mental freedom.

This world is a treasure. It is full of people with beautiful ideas and minds. The purpose should be extracting them. Putting them forward and make them contribute to construct. Imagination has a beautiful history, it is filled with people that made this world move forward and they are the reason we are here. It is supposed to have a beautiful future as well. People need to work it out. Imagination is constructive in itself and has a by-product of development.

Defining imagination is a difficult job. Even I had to imagine things while typing this blog. It itself is so wide and vast. It is complex and simple at same time. And no doubt, how beautiful and deep it is. A factory of ideas! What would people do without imagination? The world would be totally worthless. You could imagine this too! Isn’t it amazing to see the facts in this world that are hidden, these are simple things that a person comes across and performs them everyday and yet never realizes it’s deepness and importance? Well, I think it is! There are people in this world with absolutely alluring ideas which have the potential to take this world way far beyond from where it stands right now. There are people desperate, desperate to express them and make an impact.

Imagination is like a tree, it grows. It grows with time, it grows as we become mature, our minds become mature. We expand the factory from what it was when we were kids to something when we become adults. But like a tree again, it grows faster when we make it. When we continuously think of more and more ideas, it sharpens our mind and brightens the imagination power inside us. It acts as a fertilizer. And not only it is like a tree because it grows with time but also, it shows other similar characteristics. As in, the more you maintain the plants well as in you fertilize their growth so as to get delicious fruits after it grows, mind does the same. The final fruit, that is to say the final result is ecstatic when we feed our ideas well.

Power does not always mean physical power, but mental power has it’s part to play as well. Mental power can prove to be more effective than the physical one. Imagination is mental power. It can be extremely productive and extremely destructive at the same time. Again, it depends on the kind of person who is imagining and his purpose for those ideas to take real form. There is a long journey from starting to build an idea and take real form and present it’s effect. It is the people who need to be persuaded at first. Then, you take further steps and finally get registered in history.

Imagination is greatness. It is a gift of the god. A mind can do things which are unbelievable. A person should figure out his potential and that is the point where he shall start. Once he figures out the power, he can do wonders. Being able to imagine makes us lucky. Great people don’t imagine to earn. It’s their desire to change the world with their ideas and that is just the way it should be. Imagination is a blessing, a person’s most powerful weapon. It can take us anywhere we want. It is fast. Faster than light. And can take us to a world of our own, and it makes us realize it’s amazing functionality.

An article on imagination would never end, and thus, as an article, I may take it a long way from this point as well. But this is enough for it to sum up, maybe it does epitomize it. But we have to realize our own potential and chase the unique thoughts and ideas in our mind. This is what imagination is – a place where ideas take birth.




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