Childhood. If anyone were to describe it, probably they would say that it is the time of our lives when we are kids and perhaps something similar. But it is not enough to describe it, even I don’t have an idea about how to describe it! I would say that it is something which has no perfect definition. But I am sure enough to say that it is the most beautiful time of everyone’s lives. The most auspicious one.

The reason for which childhood has no perfect definition is that it is more of a feeling rather than a state. And no wonder how one could define feelings. They are not meant to be defined, and that is the reason they are feelings. They have to be felt by the person himself so as to experience it. Childhood is the phase of life when everyone is innocent, everything is simple and all seems to be adorable. It is the phase where we all are secluded from the real world and life, and I wish we could do the same now.

Childhood is the time when we had no idea about what is the world. We as infants had our parents as our only world, the only one which we were aware of. The days were so amazing for the reason one had no worries. We were not supposed to think of our work and schedule, nothing of that sort as for there was none. The feeling that we all love. The fun of crawling all around and ending up in the arms of our parents was so special and lovely. That was when we were loved unconditionally. Who wondered we were being prepared for this mess that we are in now. We had such curious eyes, everything new that came in, every new person that our parents met would catch our glimpse. As infants, we found everything out of the house as ‘alien’ because that was not a part of what we saw daily and was something out of the world, out of ‘our’ world to be precise.

All things we had, all the care that we received was part of the true love of our parents. The primary target for them used to be us, they would do anything to make us happy. Watching us laugh and giggle would ascend the smile on their face. They would develop beautiful frowns when they saw us, our innocent face. All they could see was love and innocence. Innocence of a child. Oh, how I miss those days! The time was so splendid. I don’t know why it all seems so difficult to elucidate things but maybe because of the reason that I mentioned above. There are numerous memories of childhood, they would never end, be it anyone. Epitomizing it would be just be stating that the it is indefinable and endlessly beautiful.

Actor Ricky Schroder says something which we all will believe, because we have similar thoughts:

“I spent my whole childhood wishing I was older and now I am spending my adulthood wishing I was younger.” – Ricky Schroder

Perhaps we all feel the same. We all want to be kids again. We all want to live in that beautiful world, where we all were kept isolated from the world. And wish we could be again. The school homework was the only work we had to do. There was not a bit of stress, the only thing due to which we were tired was playing with our friends. We now seek to get more sleep, but those days, we did not want to. We were curious little folks wanting to explore the world, wanting to see more of it. Back then, we had a desire to grow up, the delusion to grow up and have freedom. But who knew that we were too young to understand it.

We all grow up. As the clock ticks and the time passes, we grow, each day. We develop, we change. Our minds change, the way we think changes, our body changes and simply, we grow up. Maybe because we are supposed to. It it how the story goes. We all become adults to start living for our own selves, for a purpose in life, we get a burden of responsibilities upon our heads and we realize how life is. How the world we were too curious to explore as kids really is. And the thought post that is we start to regret it. We regret growing and the only though and desire which is left is to go back in time and live those merry days and flourishing life again.

We all seek to have dreams when we grow up, someone dreams to be rich, someone dreams of a fruitful career and so on. But where did we learn to dream? No one taught us that! It is the childhood! As children, we started dreaming, started imagining things. As kids, there was a world inside our heads as well, a unique one. A one without the formalities and the struggles of life. All that it consisted of was love and happiness, just like a fairy tale. But now we realize that the world is no rainbows and sunshine! The dreams we had then, were innocent too, just like us. We had no expectations from any one and thus, we were happy.

Growing up is a trap. A compulsory trap in which everyone has to enter. There is no alternative, it is the only choice. That is what is written in each of ours’ book of fortune. That is what we receive, and the time that we spent as kids is what we have to give in exchange. But all I want now is to become a kid again, have those astonishing dreams and live that life of ‘real pleasure’. Now we realize how amazing it was. How amazing it will ever be for the kids now and the ones who will come. It is the place, our childhood – where we learn to dream!




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