We are all humans, stupid to say, and we all have our own lives that we are living. And as far as I have figured it out, we work to make it better. Better for us, better for our loved ones and simply, better for the sake of being happy. There is no argument in that! The point to make here is we all go through thousands and thousands of things in our life, from being a kid, growing up to be an adult and the like the tale goes, at the end, we die. All of us.

We all tend to make this journey auspicious, because we have only got one. And this is what we have, the only road to choose. And as I said above, we go through numerous things striding all through this. Some things we’ve already been through, they are obviously the ones in our past. Some, we are facing today, in our present. And some, we tend to face in the time which is waiting, the future. Out of the three categories, what attracts us or rather mystifies everyone is the future. The past of course, is something we have already dealt with, and so it seems to be unnecessary to bother about it. And for present, we are facing it already.

The future. What is the future exactly? What do we exactly know about it? The ultimate definition, be it in any words, or be it anyone defining it, a 5 year old school boy or a 70 year old guru, will ultimately sum it up as the time which is yet to come across, the things which we are yet to face in life. Everyone plans their lives. Each one of us make a blueprint of the things to do, our objectives, our aims, our targets and ultimately, we construct a road map. It is really interesting, planning for the things which haven’t come, out of some which are really far away. It is bizarre to know that at some places in the world, the parents prepare the blueprint of the life of their child just after the child is born, and in some cases, the scenario is even worse. People plan it before the child being born itself. Wow! Quite amusing I must say.

The point which we get to know, or rather it is a query – how do we plan things when we don’t know what is going to happen next? And why do we do it? I mean planning life is okay, rather good, one should always have a clear eye for goal, but being so sure about things? It is absurd. Be it me, be it any of us, being so sure about things and having expectations from life that the road we’re on with a suitcase full of unreasonable expectations won’t always give a fruitful perhaps a convincing result.

The question also is, how do people be so sure? How do they be so sure about their future, about their fortune? And who do they depend upon? It is the gods! We are so lazy to make our own fortune, how could we have left the gods idol, right? We all live in our present, we plan things, good! But when we really start thinking of what has the next moment has for us, we leave it to the hands of the gods. Believing in gods is a point of perception, many of us don’t believe in gods, but that is another topic for a debate or so. As there are so many who do believe in them (including me). Believing is no problem, it is rather positive, we always have a ray of hope to get things done in the name of the god. Well, if it drives us through, then why not? But the point is not believing, the point is depending!

The idea of being lazy is obsolete. We should start depending on ourselves more. I don’t understand why all of us are so easy to be persuaded by our own souls that we stop maundering about things and just stop working to get them done. I am not talking for those who do, because the ones who ignore the idea of depending on someone are so good at doing their jobs that they prove to be innovative role models for this obstinate society. As some people might start thinking and mashing up the ideas of having an overall protocol of life and fortune, but they should understand that they are two different things. Having a plan is always good, but not working for the things that are going to happen next is perhaps obnoxious.

As for those who believe in gods, he is always there, perhaps he is there to push us to do things. To light the candle of hope in our minds and make us work. Make us start. Gods are there to help us, and not to be blamed by us. The worst things about us is the complex human nature that we all possess, first we deny things, then we find someone to blame. In this case too, we depend on the gods so much, at first, we begin with a idea of depending on him as he has ‘written’ everything and then when something goes wrong, we start to blame him. I may be a bit to direct but it is completely irrational.

A french chemist Louis Pasteur once quoted:

“Fortune favors the prepared mind.” – Louis Pasteur

So, I guess he was totally right about what he said. And he was one of those who ignored the idea of depending on someone for being successful. The point is not that we should stop believing, rather we should continue believing, but the fact of the matter is we need to stop depending. As for legends say “We are the writers of our own destiny.” So let’s be a bunch of tremendous writers and give ourselves the belief of being self-dependent and drive through. There are a lot more things to come and just leave the gods with the job of giving the world ‘hope’! That is how the story goes, that is what we are, we keep on ‘depending on the gods!’


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2 thoughts on “Depending on the gods!

  1. ‘Depending on god’ – A broad topic. isn’t it?!
    I actually love to read blogs about philosophy, science, universe .. (So, just my understanding. :D) I don’t believe things easily that I don’t observe like gravity, god .. I mean you’ve never seen it! people believe in a lot of things that they never see, especially if their parents tell them to (Like you, hanging legs in the air) πŸ˜‰

    I am one of those person who believes it impossible to know anything about God or about the creation of the universe and has a dilemma over whether God exists or not. I, like all of you, have been a constant observer of things and events going around me since my childhood. I come from a family where the religious involvement is so high that there are no such person like me. Every single family member and relative of mine believe in the existence of the GOD, without even questioning it. :/ That is why, during religious gatherings I am always pushed in that direction. 😦

    There are endless counts of injustice that happen every moment while we are busy working in office or attending lectures…All this points towards one thing, existence of something which will take care of all this nonsense. I strongly believe that there exists a system which takes care of at least some of these imbalances in life. These that are created by us, the humans. I don’t know what to call that system. Many people call it God, and if it indeed is one, then there must be something to control it. Everything in this world is built out of logic. Pure and unadulterated logic. I have been taught that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. πŸ™‚ I believe in science, simply in myself.. If you’re able to see the life just the way it is, you have the necessary intelligence to conduct it well.
    I have a strong principle – Whatever the future it may be, Take the life as it brings.
    #Horoscope = Horror-Scope πŸ˜€ #zodiac – science! # starts .. (I don’t let the these things to define my life or make any influence!

    Btw, Good work! I like it.

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    1. Wow! These are amazing thoughts mam, yes, I totally agree with your point, it is a game of perception actually, the things will happen as they should. The things would get executed in the manner we want only if we work to get in that way, to believe in god is no wrong, but leaving things on his shoulder is an absurd thought! πŸ™‚ Thanks again mam! πŸ™‚

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