Dussehra – Where the good triumphs

It is Thursday, 22nd October in India, but it is not a normal day, it is quite special indeed. Today is the festival of Dussehra, also known as Vijaydashmi. It has a really ancient history associated with it. This festival is about the god in the Hindu religion - Lord Rama. This day is really … Continue reading Dussehra – Where the good triumphs


Searching for substance!

It has been 5 days since I have written the last piece of my writing. I have been busy with things all this while and I still am, after all, a school boy always has some sort of things upcoming. I have been a little pushed away from this and I sought to have been … Continue reading Searching for substance!

The disappearing shadow of the tree!

'The disappearing shadow of the tree!', quite understandably, it is about the importance of a tree. The ecstatic manner in which this world is moving forward, leaping over milestones and seeking for total development in the world of technology, economics and other international issue, the world is perhaps losing the importance of the more important … Continue reading The disappearing shadow of the tree!