Started off as an infant,
Not walked but crawled.Was confident and fearless,
Had no fear to fall.

Crawled and crawled,
Through the floors, through the doors,
Chanting and crying,
Exploring the world – my home.
Started off somewhere,
Ended up in the comfortable arms of my parents

I searched for things,
All I could find was love.
Time went, I crawled.
I stood, I did fall,
But a day came, I walked,
Walked to grow up,
I grew up as a child,
As a child too, I found love again.
Oh lord! I miss those days,
When just had love, had no pain.
Pain was what I did not know,
And all I felt was that I wanted to grow.

Now, at a place with no return,
Time passes, it never stops.
Those snug arms would take me back!
All I have now is a wilder mind,
Now I live with a quiet rage,
Need to tame the ghosts in my head,
That run wild and wish me dead!

I miss that wind full of love,
The love that I have no more.
Those days would start with the sun,And end with a private hug.
Now I’ve grown and I miss,
I miss those things that ‘they’ did!

What a pleasure it was to be a kid.
Now I pray to the lord,
Forgive me for all my sins.
I’ve come too far,
I need a bend.
And it’s a journey that won’t end!




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