There are numerous wonders of nature, out of which, we of course have witnessed many. Each day, we start off our day with some routine and hence, we go to our work place/school/college. On the way, we come across so many of things which we generally ignore, maybe because of the haste to reach the place on time. Things of nature, things of beauty. There may not be much natural beauties or ‘wonders of nature’ if you live in a metropolitan city, but there is always some bit of it.

People who really seek for true beauty find it in the smallest of things! If we go for a early walk in the morning, we can hear the birds chirruping and feel the fresh air on our face and find natural leisure. The point is that there are many such things even if we live in a city, that’s all to sum that up. But there is much more the nature’s got in it’s bags to show us, one such wonder of it is a ‘river’.

A river is generally a stream of water if we look at it with a heartless concept in our minds. To be general at first and not going deep into the topic, first let’s talk about the advantages of a river. It might be obvious that almost all of us are aware of most of them. The river has, is and will always prove to be one of the most important aspects of nature which provided the humans with so many of their needs. A river is as precious as a tree. A river helps us in countless ways. In history books as well, we get to read that how people used to seek for rivers to establish a civilization round the river so that they could perform farming around and feed themselves. Then in the later ages, at larger scales, large companies used to establish their grounds near a river so as to get maximum yield of products(farming again!) and make money. The first use was this, that is farming.

The second, well not precise enough to explain but yes, in village areas, people feel so lucky to have been living near a river if they do! The river just not provides life to the humans, but animals as well! Fishes of course, and also all the land animals which would have the river as their only source of water. We humans back in time were so solely dependent on the river, we still are! It is just that living in cities, we don’t get to see what’s up backstage. All the food that we eat comes through farming, farming is boosted if done near a river (people would surely know the importance of water). Now, for the good, I would stop counting the number of advantages of the river, as for there are countless.

Now, where I tend to emphasize the most in this blog, is there something more to a river than just physical advantages? Something more than just a booster in farming, feeding, etc? Yes, well a lot more than that. Being wanting to be a writer, you always seek for some moral in everything. Sometimes, the thing may even be lifeless! But it is not lifeless in this case. In fact, it has more life than us! It is just the way we look at it, our perception! Perhaps I would say that river is a metaphor of life! River is pure eternal beauty. It is a gift, an ecstatic vision of life.

A famous journalist Hal Boyle once quoted something beautiful about rivers:

What makes a river so restful to people is that it doesn’t have any doubt – it is sure to get where it is going, and it doesn’t want to go anywhere else.” – Hal Boyle

This is not just a quote, it is a lesson. Just as the river, it is a lesson. A river is so much more than just a river. For some, it’s a teacher, for some it’s a god! Yes, GOD! In my country India, we have the utmost respect for a river, people believe that rivers are forms of gods, Yet, it is tremendously ironical at the same time because the way the rivers are treated are just the opposite to what they are believed to be. The pollution that occurs and all that stuff, well, let’s leave it for the debates. So, the number of forms of rivers that people have in their hearts is large. The ones who realize that are the ones who care!

But a question again, what does this god and teacher teaches us? For some, it is just a stream of water with continuous flow, but no! If we really search the lessons, if we really feel the beauty of this wonder, we will get precious lessons that no other teacher would give us! A river continuously flows, irrespective of the obstacles. The river bends, it slows down, it goes through so many places, comes across so many of things, large stones, narrow paths, but it always finds a way. It teaches us the mantra of never stopping. We will face circumstances in life where we will feel disappointed with ourselves, some where we will not enjoy ourselves, but their comes this lesson in use. Life is a path not made for those who plan to stop. A beauty of a river is deep, and only some are capable to discover it, I have just made a trivial atte3mpt, as for I have a lot to discover.

There are more lessons to what a river contains, what it tells to those who really want to listen it! I have just got one of it. I seek to discover more, and this beauty, a bliss to this world, a gift of nature, a river is something to be thankful of. Whatever our life is like, the only thing we keep in mind from now is to ‘never stop’! That is what the river teaches us!


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