‘The disappearing shadow of the tree!’, quite understandably, it is about the importance of a tree. The ecstatic manner in which this world is moving forward, leaping over milestones and seeking for total development in the world of technology, economics and other international issue, the world is perhaps losing the importance of the more important things – definitely the nature. The nature is the fuel to us, what would be there without it?

Everyday, going out to the routine world, when we look at the way the things are going, the pollution, that missing wave of ‘fresh air’, the cleanliness, etc. This is one major international issue which is more often ‘kept aside’ with excuse of having other important issues mentioned above. This one issue, if not taken attention on will lead to misery for us in the future. The nature has gifted us with love, with care, it provides us with life. And yet we are treating it this way, and by doing this, we are ourselves being vulnerable.

The tree is one other life product by the nature, just like the river about which the previous blog was. There are so many advantages of a tree but I won’t mention them, this is about it’s importance. Just one simple statement can define the importance of this nature product; No trees means no life. Even metaphorically, the tree defines life. The life process of a tree is one another life lesson for everyone. The way it grows tells us how we should take steps in our lives. First, how the roots grow to provide strength to the tree, so that the tree may stand forever! The way the tree grows after that is even more artistic, it takes time, patiently growing year after year and giving the final fruit. Telling that life is not an F1 race, we need to be patient for opportunities so as to get the best positive results. The most pleasant part is the success that we get after all this. Because, after that, when we will look back, we will happily say, we won over life!

A tree means so much to people, just as the river, a tree is also worshiped in my country as well, and again, it is beautiful and ironic at the same time, why is it is worshiped, it is so easily cut for a piece of land, for construction and for other uses. I am not against development, no rational man is! But development should only be there as long it is sustainable. It must not harm and affect the beautiful and essential aspects of this world. And not for the industrial and general uses of a tree, but for other reasons. Ask a man who works all day under the burning sun, ask him how it feels to sit under the shadow of the tree. Ask a man who runs in the rain and looks for some place, ask him when he finds a tree to stand beneath.

These are the some simple and pleasing beauties of a tree. The thing is we must start to take actions. We must realize and set ‘sustainable development’ as the new milestone. Let’s plant a tree. Let’s bring the green side back! Because it is devastating to see ‘the disappearing shadow of a tree.’




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