It has been 5 days since I have written the last piece of my writing. I have been busy with things all this while and I still am, after all, a school boy always has some sort of things upcoming. I have been a little pushed away from this and I sought to have been searching for things to write. Even doing so, I could not easily come across a satisfying topic to write on. Well, the result, it is in front of you. I thought about writing about a state of mind for a 12th grade student, and somehow, I could make out that this will also give some contentment.

At this point in life, at the very edge of finishing school, students look forward to what they will do in the near future. Where will they go for graduation, there’s always some college talks going somewhere around the school, students murmuring with one another, talking about their seniors, about themselves, what they heard, what they plan and so on. They have a pre-set vision of what they seek for themselves. What is that they want and what is that others want from them, particularly their families. I’m living it right now and it is the very live thing that I’m witnessing.

In the progression of this, students receives numerous amount of suggestions from people for their future, it’s good at some point. But for me, it saddles the minds of the students because it somehow, did for me. This is an essential part of life I guess, I am inexperienced about it as for I am just another participant, I sought to have been understanding it this way. Things are in front of everyone, everyone’s aiming for the best possible results for themselves, and everyone is heading towards it. At this time, when the final exams whose result counts everywhere we apply whether it’s for a admission or a job application, gives the students goosebumps for what stands forth.

It is not a war, it is just a race with oneself. Every student is racing his own targets, his own ambitions, so as to get the maximized opportunities. The students, at this time are impeded with stress on their minds and shoulders. They are supposed to complete a task for which only they are responsible for the kind of result that awaits them. Each of us has a mind-set that this is not only about ourselves, but for our families as well. They will be effected by our performance as well. It’s like the first ‘real’ responsibility on the shoulders of the students, as for we have not witnessed life.

The title is ‘Searching for substance’ as I did not have a feeling of writing something substantial. I had not since 3 weeks, the last two for me were not up to the mark. I guess, it is satisfying, for at this stage, I am bound by other priority tasks to perform. This goes on, it will never stop, it’s just the management of time that plays the game. Let’s hope that my management of it goes well, and as this stage heads through, I continue ‘searching for substance’.




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