Terror has struck again. This time in Paris, Baghdad and Beirut. This is absolutely terrible how the world is witnessing such disasters. It is always sad to see the world being destroyed by our own species. Innocent people dying for some baseless arguments in the fights of nations in which most of them had nothing to do.

Terrorism is one evil characteristic of this society that eats it from the inside, it is like a virus, which kills people for no sensible reason. It is disappointing how some people dream of a world full of peace and also work for it and at the same place, there are terrorist organisations like ISIS destroying nations and lives of people.

The destruction due to terrorism is not new, and is not seen and witnessed by one or two nations, at some point of time, every country has had a piece of it. Tragic events like USA’s 9/11, India’s 26/11 and now France’s 13/11. And not forgetting of course, Syria, Iran, Baghdad, etc. It is very disappointing. I have no idea that what notion takes birth in the minds of the terrorists that they plan such events. I don’t understand what a suicide bomber gets to destroy the lives of the other people when he knows that he is going to lose his.

The gruesome concept of terrorism is a disgrace to humanity. The world is shocked to see the swing of events that are happening since a few days. I would also like to mention the prioritizing method of these events that occurred, most of the people in these days were worried about the France tragedy but they had no idea about the people of Baghdad and Beirut, this is again disrespectful. There are innocent people in these countries as well and the events should be given equal amount of attention in these places as well.

One more thing that came up in this was some people criticizing the Muslim community for the terror attacks in these places. The people must be made aware that for any particular tragic event, there is only a particular set of people responsible rather than a whole community. There are just two kinds of people, good and bad, regardless of the community, so for all those who are criticizing the Muslims for this, please don’t. However, the topic is very sensitive and I shall not write more about it.

I hope that all the people who were the reason for these attacks get punished. And for those who are the victims, the world stands with you, and it always will. There is always space for good people in this world. Let’s all pray for this world, to make peace all over. It may seem difficult, but bringing the idea in mind is the first step.


PS The post is not an article about terrorism exactly, but about the events that took place in the recent days.



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