It’s the third and the final day of the challenge. Today’s quote is a very special one said by a very special person who left us on 14 January, the fabulous actor, Alan Rickman.

Challenge Rules:

  1. Post for 3 consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one quote or more in a day.
  3. Nominate 3 bloggers everyday.

Today’s Nominations:


Today’s Quote:

The news of his departure left the world a little less magical. Everyone is devastated with the event and everyone will surely miss him. He was a true legend. His most famous role, that of Professor Severus Snape in Harry Potter made the world fall in love with him, and he did it amazingly well. Oh, what a man he was! This is one of those beautiful words that he said:

“Talent is an accident of genes – and a responsibility.” – Alan Rickman

Everyone will miss the true legend and he will forever remain in our hearts. The world has lost a true diamond.

Rest In Peace.

“After all this time?”………….”Always.”




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