Hey everyone!

I am posting after a very long time, I have been busy with some really important things which stopped me from interacting here. But, I am almost done, so I am planning to return. A lot has been happening since I last wrote a blog, but skipping them, I am writing this. I may as well have lost the flow, but I’ll give my best to get it back.

The most special thing about posting today is that today is the festival of Holi. A festival which is celebrated all over India and we people wait for occasions like these to put a smile on our face. The festival has a huge cultural and historic importance for us, people have been celebrating it since a very long time.

It’s the most colorful festival one can ever see, I mean we see children playing with colors making colorful things. Even we as children loved colors and always wished of a colorful world and this festival, this day, just brings that.

Every festival is equally amazing in itself because the most appreciating thing about that is, everyone forgets the quarrels they have and unite and celebrate together. This sense of togetherness and unity is something which puts the charm into the day. The world is facing issues of war due to the difference that we humans create among each other, between all of this, our eyes dry to see people happy together. So, these moments, these days, are to be cherished at their very best.

Holi brings out the best in people, but only if we play it safe. I request everyone to obey this and spread this message that please don’t waste water. Play with natural colors, the earth is already having enough of us, it’s time to conserve and be smart. Let’s do our bit. 🙂

I wish everyone a very colorful and prosperous Holi, may the colors of happiness light you up.

-Vishal holi-feast-3



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