So, since I have been through my exams now, and I am free enough to take some time out to fulfill my hobbies, I have been reading books and watching movies, and of course, listening to music.

Two days ago, I was watching this movie on TV named Boyhood. Initially, I did not have the slightest of ideas that something was so unique about this movie, but I was curious, I had been watching it’s promo-ads for over a month and every time they would show some collection of dialogues and scenes, but no description about it’s uniqueness.

So, I searched for it on the ‘Everything to know place- the internet’ and I came to know why was this movie different. I realized that the movie had been directed over a span of 12 years on the same kid to give the movie an absolute touch of reality. And BINGO, it worked. The movie is mainly about the growth of an individual and the most complex stage in life – the teenage.

The director – Richard Linklater did an absolutely wonderful job. At first, I really adore his idea about the movie, secondly, he represented it in an amazing way, it was a treat to the eyes, watching this movie. Maybe I loved it even more because I am going through my teenage, so I could co-relate everything with me.

I could actually feel the things, though many of the things are different since I am here in India and the film was shot in the US, but still there was something about it which indulged me into it. It was like a moral invasion into me, discovering my own self and collate myself.

The whole cast did an amazing job too, especially Ellar Coltrane, it would have been strange to him for the part when he acted as a kid, because kids are unfamiliar to movie cameras around them and maybe even more when your are the actor.

Well, it is a wonderful movie to watch and I would suggest people to watch it. It’s beyond the mass-appealing movies that people usually watch. Some movies are different. And sometimes, different is wonderful.

Here’s my favorite dialogue from the movie, it just fuels the beauty of the movie:

“You know how everyone’s always saying seize the moment? I don’t know, I’m kind of thinking it’s the other way around. Like the moment seizes us.” – Boyhood




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