Its my 41st post on my blog and I am astounded by the fact that I have not made a single post about my favorite hobby – music. So, here’s one. (It’s not actually about music though.)

Well, the idea is not to tell everyone how much I like music, since I don’t really consider the world to be interested towards my affections and I don’t find a reason not to expect so. Also, partially contradicting my own statement, I love music (its kinda my daily bread).

So, I was going through social media today as I do regularly, I found a post about the concert of the British alternative rock band – Coldplay (my favorite band, I love them to eternity) which had a scene that lifted something inside me, maybe a trace of hope that humanity still exists, as we know it’s hard to find it these days.

Coldplay is on tour these days after their seventh studio album ‘A Head Full Of Dreams’ came out last year in December. They are currently performing in Mexico. So, they had a concert yesterday wherein there was a man in a wheelchair and the crowd lifted him up so that he could sing his favorite song (and mine too) – fix you. It shows how ‘people still care’.

I mean, yeah, it is truly arguable in the sense that what was so humanitarian in lifting a person in a concert just so he could sing, but well, I find it beautiful as we really look for good gestures these days, and it was for me, somewhat a symbolical presentation of humanity and I appreciate to the highest extent. Also, adding to the beauty, we get a view to what music does to people, what it can do to people, and how it matters to them.

Here’s a photo of the incident:


Music is important, not just to me, but to everyone. I mean, not that its a need but you need it as it adds taste to your life, which makes it a possible necessity and also an irony. There are several further divisions in it categorizing its types but I won’t write it, the post is not about music details.
Just as music adds taste to life, it unites people, and unity is just as gorgeous as humanity is. These words (humanity and unity) mustn’t be just left to be theoretical, but they must be applied as long as we dream a world full of kindness.

Music here too, united people and it may seem different to other than what it seemed to me but for me, its just a beautiful gesture worth appreciation and thence, I decided to post about it and also it helped me make my first post about music (somewhat).

That, I guess, just describes the beautiful incident and I guess everyone would appreciate it. Also, please don’t relate it to the post but I had to mention Coldplay in my first post about music and write this sentence: ‘COLDPLAY is the best band! I LOVE YOU COLDPLAY!’

Well, reaching the end, I hope this lifts traces of humbleness and humanity in everyone else’s hearts too.


PS: You can ignore that last Coldplay sentence and please follow my blog if you liked the post. Will improvise and new posts will keep coming. 🙂


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