It’s not really the free time that I was hoping for myself to get, I am still busy with important things therefore not able to post regularly as I hoped to. Yet, I took some time out to post about the ‘SOME’ amazing things I watch and come across to.

Yesterday, I was watching this movie – Whiplash. I found that it was a masterpiece. Maybe this genre suits me the best or I guess, that I have a bit out of the line opinion about movies that it is not necessary for them to have action, stunts, special effects and other stuff that usually everyone is crazy about. I mean they are not bad, but it’s not always necessary to make the movie special.

Whiplash is a masterpiece directed by Damien Chazelle which was released in 2014. The last time I posted about the movie Boyhood which had this special thing that it was shot over 12 years and under keen observation of stages of life. And THIS amazing movie by Damien was shot over just a period of 19 days. I mean it forces us into thinking that what all would have they done to make something so special in just 19 days.

I adored the movie not because it was shot over 19 days or something, but when I watched it, it somewhat made me think differently – out of the box. It also has this amazing moral inside it that how practice can change you and you don’t really have to care about others if you really want something yourself. It’s all just self-made attempts to polish your skills and make yourself determined.

Well, the movie is about Jazz music, but this all ran in my mind, kind of like a source-code. It also highlights a story of a strict and abusive instructor and a focused and desirable student who wants to be the best Jazz drummer in the world.

Well, the extent of how epic it is would only be determined once you watch it as I would suggest everyone to watch it, especially to those who search for other things in a movie than action and special effects.

Also, one more astounding fact about the movie is that the direct Damien Chazelle was injured in between the making of the film in a car accident and was hospitalized yet he came back as early as he could and completed the film. Also, great appreciation for J.K.Simmons for an absolutely sublime performance and also lead actor Miles Teller. Damien at the time of the making made it clear to Simmons that he wanted to see something extraordinary and I quote “I want you to take it past what you think the normal limit would be. I don’t want to see a human being on-screen anymore. I want to see a monster, a gargoyle, an animal.”

All I want to say is that there’s no shortage of wonders in this world, great men do great things and we, people have to learn and have that vision to learn.


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