Global Warming. A term used to describe man’s violent conduct towards it’s own mother earth. The past decade has witnessed drastic changes in the weather conditions all around the globe. I live in India, and from what I have witnessed is that during the years from 2000-2005, there were normal climatic conditions, changing periodically as it should and the weather was never too extreme, but now the things have changed.

The summers are too hot, the winter now with a shorter duration, is at it’s worst for some days and for the rest, it doesn’t really feel that it’s winter. In India this year, Maharashtra was drought hit and is still recovering due to lack of rain which is unusual, due to which the people there faced a lot of problem with water, especially the farmers who barely get enough money for all the hard work they put in to make a living. The situations are changing, the news channels are filled with chatter about the delayed monsoon and the sweltering summer.

The conditions are not just worse here, I was going through the news today and I found that France, Germany, Texas and a part of China have been flooded due to heavy rain. These natural disasters did happen earlier too but their frequency has increased, which is no doubt a huge worry for everyone of us. And none else but us are to blame. We never really got the notion into our heads about saving nature, making a contribution in decreasing pollution, we were ruled by our own dictum. Even now, some still think that the nature preserving campaigns are not good enough leading them to not contributing towards them.

The situations are stern now, not just the weather, but the air that we breather, the water that we drink is being polluted because of our own wrong doings. Delhi, my neighboring cit was listed as one of the most polluted cities in the world. The rivers here like the Yamuna, Ganga who have served us for centuries in every possible way and are worshiped across India are being compared to drains and that too is a result of our fault.

I read about a city in Africa, I don’t remember the name but it was recently came to notice that the city is facing a water crisis. Not 1% of the water in the city was clean, the municipality, the government had no answers and it was a disastrous description about the problems the people faced living there. How could someone live without clean water. We all know that only 1% of the 70% total water on earth is clean. It’s limited and yet it is being wasted.

The scenario keeps getting worse year by year with more people and pollution, and less water and trees. We should do our bit every time, no matter how little the contribution is because what’s important is that one is being made. ‘We are the writers of our own destiny.’ But the way things are going, the earth is destined to bad conditions. People are not asked to make a compromise, they’re just asked to make a contribution, totally for themselves for a better world, and a better earth.


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