It’s been quite a while since I read ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee. I had decided to write a post about it on my blog the day I finished reading it. And here I am finally writing about this masterpiece.

Some things stay with us forever, they get attached to us. It can be anything, anything materialistic, spiritual or anything else. To Kill A Mockingbird is one such book. From the plot to the characters,  everything is a total attraction. It’s a bit classic and defies the new modern scenarios of the world but it’s a must read.

The way Harper Lee has presented the story through an eight year old child – Jean Louise Finch’s view, which is the protagonist of the story. The story revolves around her family’s life. She has a brother – Jeremy Finch four years older than her and her father – Atticus Finch is a lawyer and is defending a negro who is false charged for raping a woman. This case effects the life of all the three of them. But there’s a lot to learn from the story and especially Atticus, who is presented as an ideal man with great ideals to tackle life’s obstacles.

The story is a mixture of fun, love, tragedy and morals. It’s masterclass. The sublime presentation of the story and it’s characters gives it realism. Absolutely loved it. There aren’t many books like this one, no wonder it became a bestseller.

I had heard about it a lot and finally decided to read it and it was worth it. I too would suggest everyone to read it. No, I am not promoting the book, I am just a fan and this is sort of an appreciation post for this amazing book. Some things are worth appreciating and thus, this gets mine.




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