12 August 2016, the day is Friday. I am travelling from Pune to Thane in a non AC government bus with a two hundred rupee ticket. The journey has been amazing, for a lot of reasons. The sole reason has been this ride, the adventure it has served me with even when the bus has no facilities. How the bus just went from a normal bus station in Pune city to travelling through the clouds. The cold and fresh air against my face fuels up my emotions. It turns me up. I am nostalgic right now. Because perplexing things like these make me nostalgic. I miss home and I wish my family was with me right now. I heard from my best friend today, he’s leaving India to study abroad. I am happy for his success but at the same time, his departure makes me sad. I spent 5 years with him and perhaps lived every awesome moment with him. It’s really sad how life changes. How things turn upside down. How your 12 years of school just become a memory and the people who are a part of it go away gradually. And how you realise there’s no one to blame. Because this is life, or I should say the bitter side of it. It may teach a million things and may have things of happiness but at some point, it makes people think about it in a bad manner. How people who matter to you leave, being the slaves of consequences. Even we are the slaves of consequences, no wonder how.

This bus journey made me think. It made me look at the bitter side of life because the things about which I only used to hear from my elders about being separated from everyone is becoming true. And I am facing it. Life is a puzzle. It gives you moments to cherish and enjoy and when they’re over, they live as memories inside you and there;s nothing you can do but cry. I am crying too, from the inside. I may have met a set of amazing people after coming to Pune, but the people back there at my home, they are still more alive.

Apart from this inevitable pain, the ride has been an adventure. A bus ‘through the clouds’ can have deep effects on you. The cold breeze changes the mood and so, it changed mine. It transported me into a different world, a world of realisation. A world where I realise the importance of the things that I have, the people I have and the greatness I am to discover. It’s weird but everyone has a ‘switch’. Something which changes you for that very moment and transports you to another world.

My journey is still incomplete. But so far, it has taught me how little things have a whole lot of adventure hidden behind them, how they’re filled with a strange happiness which is on us to discover it. And literally, in real life, my journey is incomplete. There’s so much to discover and learn. It has been my first ride alone for this great distance. And it has taught me something about life, a peculiar thing.

This wasn’t about a particular topic, this was a page filled with my emotions. And this is all I had to write, because what’s coming ahead will have it’s own lessons and perhaps, adventures too. Till then…..I’m discovering…….through the clouds……




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