The earth was created by ‘The Big Bang’ billions of years ago. This perhaps, is known to all of us, but the point of curiousness is the no one has witnessed it. For everyone, it’s a fact. One would say that scientists and researchers have proven it though their theories, but again, they’ve not witnessed it.

The idea is to extend our imagination beyond the customary levels. The ideas is to imagine and ask ourselves a question that what if the world we’re living in is unreal? What if one day we wake up and find the world exactly the opposite of what it is right now? The question is common, but the answers are different. Everybody has a unique perspective and these words reflect mine.

We humans have been accustomed to a specific level of thoughts that we’ve forgotten to thing beyond the boundaries. We humans are dependent in nature and on nature too. We believe in facts and the proof for the existence of this world and it’s components are facts. But have we ever taken the time out to consider realism? I think not. These are some uncommon thoughts which seldom come to our mind.

IF this life were a dream and all the people we know or the things we use were imaginary figures. And one day, we snap out of it and all that we know is gone. We step out through the door into the ‘real’ world and see unfamiliar things like trees talking to people, dogs talking in language and everything we considered to be lifeless had it’s own working hands and feet and were lingering with emotions.

It all may seem bizarre to imagine but wondering if things would have been that way, then we would know the drawbacks of our own nature and how we’ve exploited our resources and created a blunder of the worlds we were never really in. And we? We’ll just be standing there, shocked, watching helplessly with a stroke of realization, as we’ve always done. All we’ve got to think now is that all that we knew that existed was ephemeral.

But this alternate world, the world we were now in was beautiful. It had it’s own beauty, because there, people didn’t fight on politics, religion, greed nor were they divided by it. They care for each other, they care for the nature and it’s resources. They value whatever’s in possession and they do the morally right thing. The trees were happy, the birds chirruped and humans served them. Animals were a part of it too, they were satisfied because they weren’t pointlessly beaten up and craved. Everything and everyone has a ‘life’ there.

But in the dream or the ‘unreal’ world we all are unfortunately in, the trees don’t speak, the animals don’t talk but what is interesting is that they ‘depict’. But there too, we’ve been blind all this while and thus, don’t see it. The necessary things are always out of sight. We sure will hear the painful shouts of this world, but all we need is to have real eyes and ears. The chants and cries have always been there as a result of the human tortures, but we’ve been so bust torturing that we’ve got no time to see. We’re nothing but vicious beasts.

I personally wish if all this was a dream and one day I would wake up. Maybe this theory is real and we really do wake up in the afterlife, who knows. Perhaps, this world is the ‘alternate’ one. I wish so. And I sure dream of an alternate world, a world with peace and harmony, a world with love and respect. A world with happiness.

Irrespective of the facts I’ve known till now or the the history of formation of this world, I’ve sure made to believe that this world is an illusion and we’ve been made to pass through using our inquisitive minds.

Concluding, I would want to mention that this genre was really interesting and unique . Perhaps, it will become my favorite too. But the ideology of ‘alternate reality’ is not just imagination now, it’s a dream. Because we have always been living in the unreal.




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