A Trip Around The Sun

365 days, 365 stories. It is very peculiar and perhaps dissatisfying that the amazement of this world goes unnoticed. People have become occupied. They’ve made themselves so. Over the years, people have been trying hard to find ways to be occupied and work. Work for themselves and their families, and thus, the cycle got constructed and a system formed where people get money for doing errands. Well, to be honest, this system is fair enough, and also well managed. The rule is simple, work and get paid.

But the point is, that despite the fact that people work to earn a living and perhaps do more with what they earn, they’ve developed a mental scenario wherein they need money and time to enjoy and celebrate. People around the world have started seeking pleasure, excitement and joy in materialistic things which, of course, require capital. But in spite of the fact that the theory is being universally accepted and is functioning well on practical grounds, on severe and deep contemplation and realization, it is untrue.

Materialistic things aren’t the only sources to a joyous life. There’s much more than that, and all people have to do is realize. Realize that life isn’t just about amusement parks, malls, movie theatres and places like that. Life’s way much more than that. If one would ask a person who spent his life exploring new places and a one who spent his days earning and partying on weekends, the person who’d be happier would be the explorer. The human race is the smartest, or perhaps even have been provided with super-powers of a vision that’s unmatchable, unprecedented and limitless. Yet, both unfortunately and ironically, due to lack of awareness and the misbelief of chasing the visionary illusions, humans act stupid.

Yes, humans are stupid. And not that they’re victims of the consequences, they’ve made themselves so. It’s easy to convince people into believing that money can buy happiness. And actually, it can, no arguments. But the thing that’s to be noted is that the happiness that money can buy isn’t everlasting and unmatchable to what inner happiness is. Humans shall realize that happiness like a million other things, a part of our surroundings. It’s hidden, everywhere. People who discover that are no less than legends. They find pleasure in the simplest of things. And so can we, but why don’t we? Because unfortunately, we’ve been a victim of our own consequences.

Life is nothing but a pursuit of happiness. And people do everything to achieve that. But along the path they tramp on, at some point, they get misdirected and mislead themselves into the puzzle.

This stuff may seem exceedingly untrue and too philosophical to apply in real life, but it isn’t. These aren’t instructions, these are words of realization. To prove this, try feeding a hungry child or try giving clothes to homeless, try observing the enthusiasm of a child who’s learning, try giving gifts to the kids, try help old age people to cross the road. This stuff, is what is simple yet has the biggest surprises. Happiness gained from them is what real happiness is. And the best part is, you’re sharing it.

A year consists of 365 days and each day comes with a surprise. And no kidding, it does. It’s onto us, the humans to design and decorate the day, and collectively decorate life, not just ours, but others’ as well. That’s what life is, and realizing it is what makes it different. Life is meant to be great, and our work apart from the real deal, is to contribute and share. Happiness shared is the best type of happiness. And that’s what each year is, it’s an opportunity to leave the past as it was and chase ‘real happiness’. Because every day is a gift, a surprise. And 365 days aren’t less to have a happening year. So, it’s time, time to have a great trip around the sun.





2016, just like any other year, has been truly eventful in all aspects. And no wonder there were things that fell no short of surprising the people, some in ways that amused people whilst some in the most disappointing of ways.
Well, one such event which is still the hottest and the most trending topics that affected the people of India is ‘Demonetisation’. On 8th November 2016, the government of India took an action that shook the nation. With an intent of cleaning and decimating black money from India, the Modi government made a move of ceasing the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes as legal tenure. The PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi while addressing the nation mentioned the need of taking such action and how this move would defy the corrupt in the most astounding and effective ways.
The act of demonetising had baffled the opposition and other political parties, as well known to everyone, politics has been a treasure-house for the corrupt. Thus, the appalled opposition, trying to turn the tables, marked the move as abominable and ever since, has been trying to expostulate the act by mentioning the ground problems and anomalies faced by the people in getting cash which at some part, has been correct. The central government however, still reasons itself out of it by calling it ‘an act for the people’ and urges the nation to see the long term effects of the act and how it’ll sweep corruption and terrorism out and will prove to be a building block for a ‘developed and digitised India’.
So, all we can do is hope that this proves to be helpful and effective and though the move still in controversy, it gives out fruitful and desired results in 2017. Happy New Year!


PS: I understand that the frequency of my posts has hugely decreased, but I have been very busy and perhaps have understood that to write great things, great things must be read. I’m focusing on reading and I am indulged in some other stuff that I assure, is productive. I’ll try to post as much as I can. This was the latest write-up. 15781670_952129448219828_4207320607566851359_n