To The Door of Happiness

A rough day at the training ended, and luckily it was the final day. Two days later, we had to run ourselves into the battle against the enemy nation with a 50% chance of returning alive (luckily again). We were being instructed.
As we all prepared ourselves for the war, we packed our stuff along with the emotions but the one thing that we couldn’t pack and leave was memories. But it was in some way, positive for us because we had to have something to motivate us to return alive, return alive for someone who’s waiting. As we entered the battlefield, all I could think of was my daughter, whom I promised to be there for her birthday which was a week later. But to keep that promise, I had to live, and that was the only thing I was unsure of.
As the war began, we marched on with broad shoulders, arms, and weapons. Also with a flag attached to the uniform just above the heart in spite of being inside it as well. We waited for the opposition to bring the fight to us, and they did. 3 days of continuous warfare and thence, it ended. It ended with a win for us, but this wasn’t a happy win, it was a mixed one because I lost 3 of my friends and that counts as a bigger loss. I survived somehow, and it took me another 2 days to get back to reality and get over with the loss I faced.
I was conscious but unhappy. But my mind was mature enough to move on. It was time for me to head home and see my wife and my daughter who had been suffering more than me all this time. Reminiscing, waiting for me. As I was heading back, I was trying to pull myself together and preventing myself from adding on to their misery. On the way, I bought my girl some presents and a chocolate, and I head home. I reached late in the night. I always had a spare key of the house, so I opened the door and quietly sneaked in.





It’s not really the free time that I was hoping for myself to get, I am still busy with important things therefore not able to post regularly as I hoped to. Yet, I took some time out to post about the ‘SOME’ amazing things I watch and come across to.

Yesterday, I was watching this movie – Whiplash. I found that it was a masterpiece. Maybe this genre suits me the best or I guess, that I have a bit out of the line opinion about movies that it is not necessary for them to have action, stunts, special effects and other stuff that usually everyone is crazy about. I mean they are not bad, but it’s not always necessary to make the movie special.

Whiplash is a masterpiece directed by Damien Chazelle which was released in 2014. The last time I posted about the movie Boyhood which had this special thing that it was shot over 12 years and under keen observation of stages of life. And THIS amazing movie by Damien was shot over just a period of 19 days. I mean it forces us into thinking that what all would have they done to make something so special in just 19 days.

I adored the movie not because it was shot over 19 days or something, but when I watched it, it somewhat made me think differently – out of the box. It also has this amazing moral inside it that how practice can change you and you don’t really have to care about others if you really want something yourself. It’s all just self-made attempts to polish your skills and make yourself determined.

Well, the movie is about Jazz music, but this all ran in my mind, kind of like a source-code. It also highlights a story of a strict and abusive instructor and a focused and desirable student who wants to be the best Jazz drummer in the world.

Well, the extent of how epic it is would only be determined once you watch it as I would suggest everyone to watch it, especially to those who search for other things in a movie than action and special effects.

Also, one more astounding fact about the movie is that the direct Damien Chazelle was injured in between the making of the film in a car accident and was hospitalized yet he came back as early as he could and completed the film. Also, great appreciation for J.K.Simmons for an absolutely sublime performance and also lead actor Miles Teller. Damien at the time of the making made it clear to Simmons that he wanted to see something extraordinary and I quote “I want you to take it past what you think the normal limit would be. I don’t want to see a human being on-screen anymore. I want to see a monster, a gargoyle, an animal.”

All I want to say is that there’s no shortage of wonders in this world, great men do great things and we, people have to learn and have that vision to learn.


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So, since I have been through my exams now, and I am free enough to take some time out to fulfill my hobbies, I have been reading books and watching movies, and of course, listening to music.

Two days ago, I was watching this movie on TV named Boyhood. Initially, I did not have the slightest of ideas that something was so unique about this movie, but I was curious, I had been watching it’s promo-ads for over a month and every time they would show some collection of dialogues and scenes, but no description about it’s uniqueness.

So, I searched for it on the ‘Everything to know place- the internet’ and I came to know why was this movie different. I realized that the movie had been directed over a span of 12 years on the same kid to give the movie an absolute touch of reality. And BINGO, it worked. The movie is mainly about the growth of an individual and the most complex stage in life – the teenage.

The director – Richard Linklater did an absolutely wonderful job. At first, I really adore his idea about the movie, secondly, he represented it in an amazing way, it was a treat to the eyes, watching this movie. Maybe I loved it even more because I am going through my teenage, so I could co-relate everything with me.

I could actually feel the things, though many of the things are different since I am here in India and the film was shot in the US, but still there was something about it which indulged me into it. It was like a moral invasion into me, discovering my own self and collate myself.

The whole cast did an amazing job too, especially Ellar Coltrane, it would have been strange to him for the part when he acted as a kid, because kids are unfamiliar to movie cameras around them and maybe even more when your are the actor.

Well, it is a wonderful movie to watch and I would suggest people to watch it. It’s beyond the mass-appealing movies that people usually watch. Some movies are different. And sometimes, different is wonderful.

Here’s my favorite dialogue from the movie, it just fuels the beauty of the movie:

“You know how everyone’s always saying seize the moment? I don’t know, I’m kind of thinking it’s the other way around. Like the moment seizes us.” – Boyhood



Hakuna Matata! :D

It’s just been a few years since I’ve dropped watching cartoons, it was my favorite hobby though. I still remember many of the ones which I used to watch and most of them were incredible. It remains a dream now, what a life that was, just turn the TV on and sit back and watch cartoons all day with nothing to worry about.

Well, someone on Facebook posted about this cartoon ‘Timon and Pumba’ which was one of my favorites and I don’t really know if it is there on the TV channels now but it was one thing which made me laugh all through and just keep watching it. I still want to watch it and all the other ones. I wonder when will I get to do so.

The two ‘heroes’ of the cartoon as they say it, always had fun together and showed an incredible bond of friendship. A funny one as well, which made it simply amazing and truly entertaining. Many of you might have watched it too and I don’t think that there was something ‘not to like’ in this.

It was really humorous but it taught me one phrase and I still remember it. Yes, it’s the title of this post, ‘HAKUNA MATATA!’ This phrase has a really pleasing meaning and yeah, we may call it a lesson from the childhood. The phrase means ‘No worries for the rest of your days’. I always kept on saying it while watching it and they even told it’s meaning in the episodes, but now is the time when I realize it. I now realize the fun that they had is worth having in our lives as well, in the lives of everyone. Well, we all have worries but the ones who enjoy themselves despite of all of that are the ones who have an amazing life.

The meaning and the phrase may be short and simple, and also that I may have written a lot on those two short yet unique words, but the beauty behind them remains eternal. I know it’s related to childhood and they sound kiddish, but even now, every time you say it, some of your stress might just slip and make you smile.

HAKUNA MATATA everyone! 😀