International Yoga Day

21 June, and the world celebrates, embracing the precious practice of Yoga. The world celebrates this day due to the tremendous importance of practicing yoga as it brings with it the numerous benefits. Yoga is the key to a healthy and a happy life.

It is a traditional practice developed by our ancestors for the purification of the mind and the soul and for a healthy and fit body. And is slowly gaining more and more recognition and importance around the globe as people are bringing it in their habits to practice yoga daily. The results have been really good, as they are mostly living a healthy life.

A person who does Yoga on a regular basis is immune to the common diseases one faces in daily life. It is advised by experts and doctors too. It’s amazing to see the way it’s effecting the lives of millions in a very affirmative manner.

Being Indian, I feel proud to see India’s contribution in making this reach out to the millions of people. I remember watching the news channels stating the role of India in developing this practice and I was proud.

I don’t know much about the techniques, but I sure know it’s importance. Therefore, the content is short and I would end it here. I hope that this practice keeps on developing and enriching the lives of people around the world.