Love Lost for The Nation?

India is a country which is known for its diverseness. But little do we know that the diversity varies more with mindsets than positive assets, which didn’t use to be the case in the past. India, once being a country with the most delightful, helpful, and prideful people has come down to being a country with people who debate on national symbols’ importance and counter by blaming each other for a lesser sense of nationalism which should never be the case.

The recent political trend in India lies in the debate regarding the Supreme Court’s verdict on the national anthem. The news is filled with politicians from across the country who are brought together to play blame games live on national television.

But the overwritten, real, and lost issues is not this. The real issue is that whether we, the people of this country, have brought our moral senses so down, that we’re needing to have debates on the aforementioned issues. The national anthem, for any country, is a symbol of endless pride, and should not be considered an imposition on any individual. But contrary to this, people have been finding indirect and imminent ways to mark ‘standing while the anthem is played’ as an imposed decision, which is totally disgraceful.

The national anthem, composed and written by our forefathers, was a symbol of extreme national pride and power. It was not just limited to an individual’s approach on nationalism. People seeing it as a burden to stand while the anthem is played are being hypocritical as they’re also found justifying their tremendous love and respect for the national symbol. People like these should know that there are soldiers on the borders who die just for the love of the tricolor. How shameful, petrifying, and belittling will it be for them and for those who have already given up their lives in the country’s pride and honor to know what’s happening in this country.

For me, a national symbol is a lot more than just a mark of honor. It is more of a feeling of being Indian. And I see no flaw in making ‘standing while the anthem is played’ a compulsion. For people can go on and on about claiming to have lost their liberty with this decision, but liberty is never lost while respecting your motherland.





2016, just like any other year, has been truly eventful in all aspects. And no wonder there were things that fell no short of surprising the people, some in ways that amused people whilst some in the most disappointing of ways.
Well, one such event which is still the hottest and the most trending topics that affected the people of India is ‘Demonetisation’. On 8th November 2016, the government of India took an action that shook the nation. With an intent of cleaning and decimating black money from India, the Modi government made a move of ceasing the old 500 and 1000 rupee notes as legal tenure. The PM of India, Mr. Narendra Modi while addressing the nation mentioned the need of taking such action and how this move would defy the corrupt in the most astounding and effective ways.
The act of demonetising had baffled the opposition and other political parties, as well known to everyone, politics has been a treasure-house for the corrupt. Thus, the appalled opposition, trying to turn the tables, marked the move as abominable and ever since, has been trying to expostulate the act by mentioning the ground problems and anomalies faced by the people in getting cash which at some part, has been correct. The central government however, still reasons itself out of it by calling it ‘an act for the people’ and urges the nation to see the long term effects of the act and how it’ll sweep corruption and terrorism out and will prove to be a building block for a ‘developed and digitised India’.
So, all we can do is hope that this proves to be helpful and effective and though the move still in controversy, it gives out fruitful and desired results in 2017. Happy New Year!


PS: I understand that the frequency of my posts has hugely decreased, but I have been very busy and perhaps have understood that to write great things, great things must be read. I’m focusing on reading and I am indulged in some other stuff that I assure, is productive. I’ll try to post as much as I can. This was the latest write-up. 15781670_952129448219828_4207320607566851359_n