The Patriot.

​From the eternal sky, through the windows of her room, the bright sun spreads the sunlight over her face. She wakes up. She turns her face right, and just like the day before, and before, there was no one. All she saw was the other half of the bed, empty. People say that seeing the … Continue reading The Patriot.


Through the clouds…

12 August 2016, the day is Friday. I am travelling from Pune to Thane in a non AC government bus with a two hundred rupee ticket. The journey has been amazing, for a lot of reasons. The sole reason has been this ride, the adventure it has served me with even when the bus has … Continue reading Through the clouds…

Psychology of non-duality: What are the qualities of a whole person?

This is a must read. Incredible answers to questions you’ve been asking to yourselves.

Too much Too soon

I’d like to expand my own perspectives on the subject of this article, to understand what I mean by this new psychology and to define some of its features.

What are the qualities of a whole person? Of a sane mind? What makes a good life? How do we live free from conditional and conditioned action? How do we love freely without going mad?

Of course the answers to these questions depend entirely on who is doing the answering. A psychologist may conjure a litany of desired characteristics he believes are indicative of a whole person, and wind up simply describing his own aspiration. Free love for one woman may be heart-ruin for another. So it is my intention here not to lay out an objective set of criteria, but rather to fire the opening volleys in a continuing discussion, hopefully one that will remain with us throughout our lives…

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The disappearing shadow of the tree!

'The disappearing shadow of the tree!', quite understandably, it is about the importance of a tree. The ecstatic manner in which this world is moving forward, leaping over milestones and seeking for total development in the world of technology, economics and other international issue, the world is perhaps losing the importance of the more important … Continue reading The disappearing shadow of the tree!