The Comic Rebuild

Indian cinema and Indian television are both sectors which have flown down and gradually wrecked synonymously over the years. The standards and the quality of the scripts of the new Bollywood movies or TV serials are rarely intriguing and hardly manage to catch the eye if you're searching for a substantial script. Though one of … Continue reading The Comic Rebuild


A Creation Out of Necessity

Dear lost god, It's time we tell and say it loud, The world you imagined, is shredded into pieces For humans don't exist anymore,  And "human" is rather just an undeserved title. We're now being ruled by shame and terror, The unity we had has now been torn. The evils we feared are ruling our … Continue reading A Creation Out of Necessity


The cold passed reluctantly from the earth, and the retiring fog revealed an unbelievable scene before me. A homeless kid, with just a torn cloth wrapped around his waist, was sitting in the corner of the street. He was feeding his mother, who seemed to be pretty ill and the cold weather only added to … Continue reading Unanswered