Returning with colors!

Hey everyone!

I am posting after a very long time, I have been busy with some really important things which stopped me from interacting here. But, I am almost done, so I am planning to return. A lot has been happening since I last wrote a blog, but skipping them, I am writing this. I may as well have lost the flow, but I’ll give my best to get it back.

The most special thing about posting today is that today is the festival of Holi. A festival which is celebrated all over India and we people wait for occasions like these to put a smile on our face. The festival has a huge cultural and historic importance for us, people have been celebrating it since a very long time.

It’s the most colorful festival one can ever see, I mean we see children playing with colors making colorful things. Even we as children loved colors and always wished of a colorful world and this festival, this day, just brings that.

Every festival is equally amazing in itself because the most appreciating thing about that is, everyone forgets the quarrels they have and unite and celebrate together. This sense of togetherness and unity is something which puts the charm into the day. The world is facing issues of war due to the difference that we humans create among each other, between all of this, our eyes dry to see people happy together. So, these moments, these days, are to be cherished at their very best.

Holi brings out the best in people, but only if we play it safe. I request everyone to obey this and spread this message that please don’t waste water. Play with natural colors, the earth is already having enough of us, it’s time to conserve and be smart. Let’s do our bit. 🙂

I wish everyone a very colorful and prosperous Holi, may the colors of happiness light you up.

-Vishal holi-feast-3



New year, new ambitions!

First things first, a very happy and prosperous new year to everyone! May this new year bring joy to your lives and fulfill your needs and wishes! 🙂

Now, it’s 1st January, 2016 and it marks the beginning of another year as everyone bids farewell to 2015. The most beautiful thing about new year is that it brings some sort of hope in everyone’s hearts and the people find something for themselves, some target, some objective upon which they seek to improve themselves.

It’s dearly amazing because you don’t usually get to see people deciding to do something themselves, to improve. Otherwise, the most common method to do it is to pray, and usually, people don’t get along with hopes so easily, they usually seem to be exhausted with what they get and are frustrated. “If the new year brings an aim to people’s lives, then it’s one of the most substantial things.”

It’s no rocket science, I am just writing what I genuinely feel about it, and I found it to be true. I’m still a school student, so I can’t say that I’ve experienced real frustration or something similar, but at least I am sure about this idea that it brings an aim for oneself.

Now, the desire to find yourself a target in this upcoming is like a present. But would you achieve it or not, is just an answer to give to yourself. Because what some people do is make aims and not fulfill them, and make other aims the following year again and it proves to be of no use. So, we actually need to build the sense of working on our objectives to get the positive outcomes for ourselves.

Also, every year, we get a mixed pack of things. Some of them, against our favor, and some, for it. But the new year fill our hearts and souls with hopes and gives us a desire to pursue things. And that is just another quality of it. Well, by writing all this, I have approximately elucidated most of what I know what the new year brings apart from gifts and love.

Again, I hope that this year goes well for everyone, I hope everyone makes productive plans for themselves and cherish what they have and work for what they want.





It’s Christmas!!

25th December, a day the world celebrates, a day so precious and inevitable that even the most sad faces are lit up by happiness, a day celebrated in the name of the god of the people, Jesus Christ. It’s Christmas. The day when Jesus was born, and gave people a reason to live.

Celebrate the day with limitless joy, enjoy the day with your closest ones. Light your homes with happiness. The festival is here for everyone. Make the best out of today. Celebrate it and make it a special one, the one to remember forever in your lives. It’s time to keep aside your flaws, analyze yourself and your year, and work upon yourselves to have a better tomorrow. Here’s a quote to make it even more awesome. Have a great day everyone.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” – Norman Vincent Peale

Merry Christmas!



The Grand Festival – Diwali

The wait is finally over for all those who were waiting for this precious festival to come around. The festival of lights is finally here. It has arrived to fulfill the nation with lights of happiness and hopes of a new and better tomorrow. Diwali is here.

It’s 10th November, a day before Diwali and there is excitement all around the nation. The people are filled with enthusiasm to celebrate this awaited occasion. Every festival is a special one, and so is Diwali. Just like the rest of them, Diwali brings a huge amount of happiness and joy to fill people’s life with. In today’s world, people are so busy with their lives, they hardly find time for themselves and their families. All 7 days of the week, they have some sort of stress and workload on their heads to deal with. That is why, festivals are special and important. Because they bring the time when people keep all their stress aside and celebrate. Celebrate with their family and friends and enjoy the beautiful gift of contentment.

Diwali is a beautiful festival. It is often referred to as the festival of lights because the people decorate their homes with lights and other material and the cities are at their best looks. It’s a pleasure for the eyes to see all this. Every year, people wait for this time since they know how beautiful it is going to be. Diwali also has an ancient story, it’s like the sequel to the Dussehra story. Well, both of them are inter-connected, so I would continue the story from my last blog. So, after lord Rama won the battle against Ravan, it was all a happy time going on. When he got his wife Sita back, they all went back to Ayodhya(his home) after fulfilling his promise. And in Ayodhya, it was celebration time as everyone was so happy for the return of lord Rama along with his brother Laxman and wife Sita. People decorated their homes, they lit diyas and the traditional festival of Diwali was born. Diwali is also addressed as Deepawali as the people light traditional candles (diyas) on celebrating the homecoming of lord Rama.

This was the story of Diwali. But a festival is never just related with a story. It is a time when the people unite, when they forget their flaws and problems, it is the time when enemies become friends and it is the time when the people are happy. Diwali brings hope, hope for the people to have a better future. The people worship for them and others and they look for a new start to their lives, just like the new year.

Diwali is a festival to celebrate, no doubt, but as all these years that have gone by, this festival has taken an anti-environment form. The festival every year brings in a huge amount of pollution as people tend to celebrate it with crackers. The kids are excited about the festival not because of the festival’s real meaning, but because of the crackers that they will light. The crackers deteriorate the environment on a large scale, as all this time the studies have also proved that there has been noticed a large amount of deaths of house sparrows that used to be in a large numbers a few years ago. This is a disgrace to this beautiful festival and the people should know. The noise pollution and the air pollution take lives of many species that some people are not aware of. The festival is celebrated to be happy, then why be a reason for our own harm?

I guess this epitome of this amazing occasion does the job of describing it. The festival is tomorrow and I hope that we have a green Diwali this year. I wish everyone a safe, wonderful and happy Diwali. May this Diwali light everyone’s homes and lives with happiness and joy.