The Book and the World

Dear World,

As I see through the windows of the shelves you’ve kept me in, you’ve changed. I see that you need me less now, for you’ve made friends of your own. I see you’ve grown, you’ve grown to be what I pictured you to be. But in spite of the wonders you’re doing, is it right to forget me?

Since you’re drifting away and ahead, and discovering more of you, I find it inevitably essential to remind you that my inner strength is still the most powerful. I’m the creator of a million minds and perhaps, yours too. It’s sad for me for I’m fading away, finding new places in the corner of metal shelves rather than hungry minds.

The consciousness that your people need should be fed by me, and I’m continuously eager to implant more aspirations in you. I am seeking more pair of eyes who excitingly seek knowledge, for I have plenty. But also, I have a world of my own to offer. I have a million stories waiting inside to erupt to make way to the people and make memories over cups of tea and coffee. Gone are the days when you used to cherish my company. I don’t have a tongue of my own, but the words that I offer talk more than what people do. They tell not just tales, but offer words of wisdom.

I miss our friendship, as it was when I was awake. The isolation from you feels more like an abduction and makes me restless. These glass windows are more like cages that allow me to see my deterioration. Every day, I see the children peeping through to me wondering what do I contain, but I wish there was a way to tell them that I contain the world itself.

I want to tell you and these children, the tales of wisdom, love, and freedom again. For I have stories to tell, both real and unreal, some witnessed, and some not. I have mysteries contained in myself, but how do I say this if you’re turning away.

I see you finding your time in the television by the door, with your eyes eagerly luxuriating the videography it offers. But I want to remind you, that I’m no less entertaining. For I recited poems, stories, and fairy tales when you were a child yourself.

It saddens me to know that I’m not a part of you anymore.  But I wish, that someday and sometime, you’ll pick me up again. You’ll flip through my pages and read my gallant tales of heroism. You’ll read the tales of the characters I created and recite them to your children too. I wish you’ll return. I wish you’ll wear off the dust that’s been settled upon me. I do nothing but wish for your eyes to know more, through me. I wish.

Your lost treasure,

The Book

f13eee63daf3dc1e354f280cd3a83b57-Vishal Tripathi



Love Lost for The Nation?

India is a country which is known for its diverseness. But little do we know that the diversity varies more with mindsets than positive assets, which didn’t use to be the case in the past. India, once being a country with the most delightful, helpful, and prideful people has come down to being a country with people who debate on national symbols’ importance and counter by blaming each other for a lesser sense of nationalism which should never be the case.

The recent political trend in India lies in the debate regarding the Supreme Court’s verdict on the national anthem. The news is filled with politicians from across the country who are brought together to play blame games live on national television.

But the overwritten, real, and lost issues is not this. The real issue is that whether we, the people of this country, have brought our moral senses so down, that we’re needing to have debates on the aforementioned issues. The national anthem, for any country, is a symbol of endless pride, and should not be considered an imposition on any individual. But contrary to this, people have been finding indirect and imminent ways to mark ‘standing while the anthem is played’ as an imposed decision, which is totally disgraceful.

The national anthem, composed and written by our forefathers, was a symbol of extreme national pride and power. It was not just limited to an individual’s approach on nationalism. People seeing it as a burden to stand while the anthem is played are being hypocritical as they’re also found justifying their tremendous love and respect for the national symbol. People like these should know that there are soldiers on the borders who die just for the love of the tricolor. How shameful, petrifying, and belittling will it be for them and for those who have already given up their lives in the country’s pride and honor to know what’s happening in this country.

For me, a national symbol is a lot more than just a mark of honor. It is more of a feeling of being Indian. And I see no flaw in making ‘standing while the anthem is played’ a compulsion. For people can go on and on about claiming to have lost their liberty with this decision, but liberty is never lost while respecting your motherland.